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Greek hotel magnate Chrysander Anetakis's former mistress was pregnant? And had amnesia? That meant Marley Jameson didn't remember betraying him by selling company secrets. Or that he'd thrown her out of his life. So he told her a little white lie: they were engaged. Then he swept her away to his Greek island to await the birth of his baby and enjoy her sudden devotion...bGreek hotel magnate Chrysander Anetakis's former mistress was pregnant? And had amnesia? That meant Marley Jameson didn't remember betraying him by selling company secrets. Or that he'd thrown her out of his life. So he told her a little white lie: they were engaged. Then he swept her away to his Greek island to await the birth of his baby and enjoy her sudden devotion...before tossing her out.But he didn't count on Marley regaining her memory so soon....

Title : The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress
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The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress Reviews

  • AgentScully
    2019-05-03 05:33

    If pregnancy + amnesia = Pregnesia (according to the Harlequin/Silhouette title generator), then what is pregnancy + amnesia + kidnapping? Pregnesiapping? Pregnappinesia? The heroine in this one finds out she's pregnant, has sex, encounters nasty Other Woman, gets falsely accused of stealing, gets thrown out by rich Greek lover, and gets kidnapped, all in chapter 1. And I thought I was having a bad hair day. I admit to not being a fan of Maya Banks' writing. I don't care for her erotica and I was plenty amazed to discover last year that she is now writing Sihouettes. I picked one up out of sheer curiosity, wondering how her writing would hold up without menage sex scenes to hide behind. Maybe because my expectations were low, I was surprised how much I enjoyed The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress. The writing is effective and emotional (within the contraints of a melodramatic Silhouette plot of course). Marley is a good heroine without TSTL moments, and she gropes convincingly for clues to what her life and her relationship with the hero were like before she lost her memory. The hero is plenty conflicted, veering between solicitous care (and burning desire) for Marley on one hand, and coldness and anger at her betrayal on the other. At times he's almost schizophrenic and this does nothing to help Marley figure out their relationship or help her settle in. Apart from the intial accusation and throwing out though, he's not a harsh hero by Harlequin/Silhouette standards. To his credit also, he's almost totally forgiven Marley for her supposed betrayal before her memory returns and the truth comes out. Between the angst, there are some nice scenes of them being happy on their Greek island. I like when a romance actually shows the couple interacting in a happy or playful manner. When the heroine recovers her memory, it's back to angst though and these scenes are some of the most effective in the story. As for what I didn't like, the whole kidnapping plot seemed thrown in as a device to give the heroine amnesia and give the hero a reason to spirit her off to his island to protect her. Even worse, it was left totally unresolved. We never learn who kidnapped Marley or why. It's inexcusable to leave such a plot element dangling. And can I say that it's just laughable to demand a piddling 1/2 million dollars from a megarich multimillionaire who owns his own island? I mean I know there's a recession and all but really!

  • Jen
    2019-05-03 03:34

    3.5 StarsAs far as fulfilling my need for a macho, arrogant asshole prone to jumping to conclusions about his "mistress" (never a girlfriend, always a mistress doncha know!) as only a harlequin can deliver, The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress more than fit the bill.Still, I have a couple of questions regarding this book and Harlys in general. Stay with me, people.Why are these women always falling asleep at the first sign of emotional distress?I mean seriously! This chick fell asleep at the drop of a hat. Or at the very least, everytime she found herself being carried. You know, 'cause of the aforementioned distress. I kept wondering if narcolepsy might be an issue.I'll move on, but I seriously think this woman needed to see someone about that.Second question: what the hell is a Tycoon? If those of you that read more HPs than I do could help me out, I'd be much obliged.

  • Vintage
    2019-05-25 06:20

    Good heavens almighty, why do I like this book so much? How do I love thee? Let's me count the ways..Greek alpha heroI'm a mistress but didn't know itAmnesiaPregnantSuspicion/revengeDisapproving relativesConniving AND evil OWMagic penis... see Greek alpha hero above..GrovelingMarley is pregnant, and asks the somewhat natural question of her uber handsome, alpha Greek lover, Chrysander. "What about us?" He goes into tycoon lockdown with the knee-jerk comment that she is just a mistress. A few minutes later he kicks her out of the high-rise and, yep, she becomes the Kidnapped Pregnant Greek Tycoon's Mistress. Turns out he found the fake hotel plans he and his brothers had created in order to find out who the corporate spy was sticking out of her purse. Yep, there they were in his mistress' purse for all the world to see. So glad he didn't stop and think about how easily they were found, check her bank balance to see if she had a big deposit, or anything like that. Much better to drop the boom. Marley leaves in shock.Three months later, and Chrysander sees on the news that his ex-mistress was rescued from a den of kidnappers. She has amnesia plus a little something extra. She's about five months pregnant.The rest of the story shows us Chrysander struggling with his lust for the mother of his child, and the poor h trying to figure out why the H blows so hot and then so cold. Hey, he may think she's a money-grubbing, corporate spy, but he has the hots for her.The climax occurs when she overhears him discussing the situation with his brothers and the uber-skinny PA she can't stand. Marley's memory returns full bore, and now it's the suspicious ass-hat hero and his condescending brothers on the defensive block.For some reason, this book tickles my fancy. When Maya Banks is on, she is ON! The scene where Marley remembers everything really gets to me. To the heart.The H is a jackass for the beginning and the middle, but when he realizes what a Grade A idiot he was he does grovel, gets pale and interesting. High marks from me.Re-readHoles so big an 18 wheeler could plow through, but so much fun.OTT idiocy from the Greek tycoon who lobs the h smack into the anachronistic mistress role after her fateful question, his idiocy in never checking to see if she really is guilty, the stick-out-like-a-sore-thumb evil woman who is, big tip-off, skinny, the doctors and/or police who never question why the Greek tycoon didn't report his pregnant fiancee missing for three months, the absent kidnappers that treated her with kid gloves, and so forth and so on and on...

  • willaful
    2019-05-06 22:46

    In this book's acknowledgments, Banks writes about how much she loves category romance. Perhaps that's why she decided to write The Category. It has everything you'd expect: the overbearing Greek hero constantly spouting Greek endearments, the pregnant, vulnerable, doormat heroine, the evil other woman, the big betrayal (twice!) and amnesia! (Really seems like it should have been a Harlequin Presents rather than a Silhouette Desire, but I guess there's some overlap.)I like all the elements, why didn't I like the book more? The enormous plotholes and implausibilities are pretty much par for the course with these sorts of categories, but they bugged me quite a lot. The concerned father-to-be hero got very irritating, practically not letting the heroine go to the bathroom by herself. And the heroine's efforts to stand up for herself just come off as feeble and childish.There's an interesting plot twist and some major drama, so it did hold my interest, but sadly, it wasn't the keeper it had the potential to be.ETA: I'm going to up my rating of this to 3 1/2 stars, because I did keep it, and enjoy picking it up to reread some sections now and then.

  • Kiki
    2019-04-28 04:47

    -hero tells his live in girlfriend that she's someone he pays to have sex because , wait for it "he was scared she wants more out of the relationship" yet claims he loves her SOOOOOOOOOO much! I call it bullshit!-since he's such a macho man that he got scared by hints of commitment he conveniently jumps at the first excuse of throwing heroine out, and does it without any solid proof, or listening to her!-his idiocy almost gets the heroine killed! -his brother implied that she's his whore-he uses her sexually AGAIN when she's vulnerable, which kinda sorta is abuse!So where is the grovelling and redemption for this?-he gets pale and feels sick-he has to fire a secretary who has sold business secret to rival! (Oh! How traumatising!)-he had to say "I love you" (how damaging to his reputation)-he had to admit he was an asshole and beg her to marry him without knowing she loves him (don't feel too sorry for him, he gets a full on wedding night and undying declaration of love the next morning).So do tell me, where was the grovelling and redemption? Even if we forgive him for believing the worst of the heroine, where is the redemption for calling her a whore simply because HE was unable to deal with adult life and was a failure? The above were NOT enough. He called her whore to cover the fact that he is a miserable louse and failure and was scared shit, when she had no contribution to it. Did he even apologise profusely? Nope.Sorry, nope, not redeemed, you can go die you crazy manwhore. We'll find a better hero for the heroine! Even another heroine for the heroine sounds better. I volunteer myself!

  • StMargarets
    2019-04-25 02:50

    Disclaimer: I’m not a Maya Banks fan. I find her world-building flimsy and her dialogue a little wooden. Still, she has a flair for plot dramatics and pacing. I think this is the best story in the “Tycoon” series, and yet it only merits a weak 3 stars from me because I never could sink into the story. One of the problems, I think, is that we have both the H/h points of view. If the author had stuck with just the heroine’s point of view, we could have experienced her trauma, confusion and sense of betrayal. The h had experienced a kidnapping – that’s high drama stuff – but it’s given only a glancing reference. Seeing the H through her eyes would probably be more complimentary – since knowing his inner thoughts did not endear him to me.That the hero felt betrayed is no biggie, because he kicked her out and got on with his life. He had no emotional stakes in this story – even when the heroine was back in his life with amnesia. He got lots of sex and then when the truth came out – he got more sex and easy forgiveness. I really hated the H’s brother as well. (The tycoons of the next two books) They are sexist pigs who judge first and ask questions later. When one of the brothers tracks down the heroine after her memory returns and she relives the H’s betrayal all over again – he says he cares because she’s carrying “my nephew.” Who talks like that? Why is he staking possession of the h’s child in her womb when he thinks she is a corporate spy? That phrase “my nephew” reduces the h to incubator status for a male’s possession. Gross. The kicked-out pregnant mistress who is then kidnapped and has amnesia is an awesome idea for a story - I just wish MB had fleshed out this story more.

  • Julie (jjmachshev)
    2019-05-05 23:33

    What can I say except that when I find an author I enjoy, any time I see the name the next thing I know the book is in my cart! Yes, Maya Banks is writing a trilogy for Silhouette Desire. The good news is, the heat is still there. The bad news is, it's still 'formula' romance. The rest of the good news is, I still enjoyed it and it was a steamy, quick read!Marley was heartbroken when Chrysander called her his mistress and then accused her of selling his company secrets! She quickly grabs her coat and runs...right into the arms of a kidnapper!Three months later Chrysander is still dealing with the fallout of Marley's betrayal when he hears her name on the TV. He can't believe it! She'd been abducted and held for three months...and she's five months pregnant. Chrysander didn't get to be a gazillionaire by not being able to count...that baby is HIS.Yes it's a formulaic romance, but it still managed to bring a tear to my eye. And yes I knew who the 'bad guy' was almost from the first, and felt like smashing Chrysander's Greek head against the wall...but I still found myself turning the pages as fast as I could read to see Marley vindicate herself and watch to see if Chrysander would crawl!! As a side note, having lived in Greece for almost five years means I don't necessarily find Greek heroes immediately sexy...and Chrysander was no different. Now if he'd been Australian?Anyway, fans of Banks will enjoy this book for what it is. And I can't lie...I'll pick up the upcoming books about the brothers as soon as they hit the shelves!!

  • Tia
    2019-05-03 01:42

    Read this long ago, loved the series as a whole. This one is about Chrysander and Marley. She was just his mistress to him but she was pregnant and in love with him. When he thinks she has done the worse, he abandons her. Only for her to wind up kidnapped. When he finally realizes the truth, it may just be too late because Marley seems to be broken beyond repair.

  • Stevie
    2019-05-06 03:43

    “THE MISTRESS” by Maya Banks(Opening Theme Music to “The Hills” Starts Playing)STARRING: Spencer Pratt As Chrysander Lauren Conrad As MarleyANDHeidi Montag As Chrysander’s Evil Assistant (Theme Music Stops Playing)PREVIOUSLY, ON “THE MISTRESS”:Chrysander told Marley that she’s not the “Marrying” kind, she’s more the “It’s 2 a.m., I drank a bottle of Tequila, and didn’t eat dinner, booty calling” kind. THENChrysander’s Evil Assistant planted papers in Marley’s bag making it look like she betrayed Chrysander. THENCrysander found the papers and threw Marley out.THEN, 3 MONTHS LATERChrysander sees Marley on the news.ANDSHE'S GOT AMNESIA!ANDSHE'S PREGNANT!(Chevelle’s “Wonder What’s Next” Starts Playing)SO MANY QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED:What will Chrysander do? Will he help Marley? Will Marley even let him? What about the Evil Assistant? What will she do?You’ll have to read “The Mistress” to find out.FINAL RATING: "The Mistress" - 3.5 Mo Drama Den Da Hills Stars

  • Nikki ღ Navareus
    2019-05-19 23:29

    ***TWO STARS***I've decided that I'm not really a fan of the amnesia theme, and it just didn't really work for me in this story. And I'm still left wondering who kidnapped her, and why? That should have been a huge part of the story, but after Marley was released, it was just kind of forgotten about. Chrysander was this huge tycoon. One would think it would take some serious brains to become so rich and powerful, but he couldn't really savvy that his assistant was a conniving, manipulator and maybe she could have had something to do with the plans being stolen (especially since she was in the apartment at the same time as Marley, so maybe some investigation should have been done before throwing poor Marley out on her ass without a second thought. Or at the very least, maybe hire an investigator to figure out where Marley was stashing all that money she supposedly collected from the competitors. And what is with the abrupt change of heart, from Chrysander hating Marley's guts to babying the fuck out of her and not allowing her to even wipe her nose by herself just because he found out she's now pregnant? I dunno, this one was just a little too unbelievable to me.

  • KatieV
    2019-05-22 22:25

    Definitely one of the better vengeful Greek tycoon, pregnant mistress stories. He thinks she committed espionage and kicks her out. He doesn't realize she's pregnant at the time. She is kidnapped and when she turns up 3 months later, she has amnesia. H takes advantage of the situation for "revenge" and to gain control of the child.

  • Penny Watson
    2019-05-11 01:47

    This review includes all three of the "tycoon" books by Maya Banks....What exactly is a "tycoon" and why is it so damned popular in certain romance novels? According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, a tycoon is "a businessman of exceptional wealth and power: magnate." So, basically a tycoon is a really rich, powerful guy. Okay, I sort of get why that would be sexy. And, the tycoons in Maya Banks trio of books--The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress, The Tycoon's Rebel Bride, and The Tycoon's Secret Affair-- are all hot Greek guys. I'm getting the whole tall, dark and handsome thing, with the added benefit of them speaking Greek, which is sexy.Here's the deal with these books, and the shocking (and embarrassing) conclusion I reached:Tycoons are big a-holes. There's arrogant, and then there's I'm-going-to-strangle-you-if-you-tell-me-one-more-time-to-be-careful-walking-on-the-stairs. (Seriously, I think 50% of the dialogue of The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress is Chrysander telling Marley to be careful walking on the stairs!). These guys are ridiculous!The characters in these books are pretty unlikable and not very well developed. The women are whiny, manipulative, submissive, wishy-washy....Jiminy Cricket! I especially didn't like Jewel, the heroine of The Tycoon's Secret Affair. She jumps into bed with a total stranger, then gets pissed off when she's fired because she unwittingly slept with her new boss. She screams "You can tell Mr. Anetakis that he is the lowest form of pond scum...He's a gutless piece of chicken shit, and I hope he chokes on his damn cowardice." Nice manners, babe.The TSTL moments are unbelievable. You're a pregnant woman with amnesia, and you allow a total stranger to take you to a secluded island and then jump into the sack with him at the first opportunity? You've been warned about potential kidnappings, but insist on escaping your security team so you can sub in for your friend at her stripper club, even though you've never danced before? (Hee hee....I love that one!). You find yourself pregnant after a one night stand and call the "chicken shit" up to insist he cares for you during your high risk pregnancy, even though you have a best friend who could do the job, who you are conveniently ignoring. Uh.....okay.The purple prose is incredible. Here is an actual line from one of the books.... "She raced up a mountain slope and hurtled into a free fall of ecstasy." Also, "turgid manhood" was mentioned in the last book. ;)Have you ever read a book and gotten the distinct impression that the author was intending to do something with a specific plot point, and then later changed her mind and just decided to wrap it up with a couple of dorky sentences? There is a kidnapping in book one, and the criminals are never apprehended. The threat of potential kidnappings for the heroines in books 2 and 3 is brought up repeatedly, and they both have a team of big, beefy security guys yapping at their heels. I was waiting for the kidnappers to strike again, get caught in a dramatic way, find out that they were actually 2nd cousins of the Greek family, something. Anything. It was like dangling a piece of unresolved plot in front of the reader's face. However, after waiting patiently throughout the third book for a bad guy to jump out of the bushes or something, Banks casually mentions that the kidnappers were caught in NYC. We never find out who they were or why. What the hell is that all about? Okay, end of rant.Now for the embarrassing conclusion. In spite of the unlikable characters, bad purple prose, bizarre TSTL moments, and plot lines left dangling with no where to go, I still found myself addicted to these books. And, if Maya Banks suddenly decided to find a long-lost Greek brother in the family who wants his own tycoon book, I would probably read the damned thing. Why?Well, I guess it all comes down to one simple thing....entertainment. These books entertained the hell out of me. I laughed my ass off at the purple prose. I gasped at the stupidity of the heroines. I shook my head at the "black moments" and their obvious conclusions. Maya Banks knows how to get a reader addicted to her storyline, and that is a very good thing.Honestly, it was worth inhaling the whole trio just to say I've read a book with the title The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress.Happy reading,Penelope

  • Dianna
    2019-05-13 02:33

    Marley has been Chrysander’s live-in mistress for a little while and it’s going ok. Except that now she’s pregnant, and she’s not sure how he’ll react. Before she has a chance to find out, Chrysander’s sexy evil assistant has planted the Secret Hotel Plans in her bag, Chrysander’s found them, accused her of betraying him, and thrown her out of his life.Marley runs down the street, blinded by her tears of love and loss, and then she’s bundled into a car and taken away by kidnappers.Three months later Chrysander’s watching the news and there’s Marley. She’s just been rescued from the kidnappers who have escaped, she has amnesia, and she’s heavily pregnant. Chrysander shows up claiming to be her fiancé and takes her home with him.No one explains to Marley that she was kidnapped, because of trauma with her amnesia maybe causing her brain to explode, which would be no good for the baby? Or something, it’s never quite explained. Maybe she has that ‘Memento’ style thing going as well, where they kept trying to tell her and she’d immediately forget? And then the police are happy to go along with anything a billionaire suggests for Marley, without asking awkward questions like ‘why didn’t you ever report your fiancée missing?’ and, ‘we think it’s kind of unusual that you didn’t receive a ransom note?’ Marley wakes up, nice and pregnant, and there’s this guy saying, ‘hi I’m you’re fiancé, and we’re going to Greece,’ and she just goes along with it. She notices, but goes along with the fact she has no maternity clothes, that it looks like she slept in a different bedroom. He seems nice? And then why do his brothers, when they meet her for the first time, seem to hate her? What’s with Chrysander’s assistant getting naked all the time? Marley’s a remarkably relaxed, go with the flow sort of person. Marley’s background is that she went to work as Chrysander’s second assistant for a while, until he offered her a transfer to the bedroom. She doesn’t seem to have a background before she turned up at Chrysander’s office. Chrysander’s got two brothers, and he calls them regularly so they can be outraged that he’s taken the betrayer who stole the Secret Hotel Plans back into his life. He wants the baby, and he’ll stop at nothing to get it! Fine, why doesn’t he just set her up in a nice flat and wait for her to pop? They ask. He has his reasons, be quiet you guys! He’s the oldest and the boss of you. He knows he’s got all of this nicely worked out, and while he thinks she’s a vile betrayer, she’s still cute and what with the amnesia, she’s pretty easy to convince that they should be sleeping together. Chrysander likes control. He’s got this thing where if Marley starts asking awkward questions he sends her to bed or makes her eat something, or brings out a medical expert to check on her, or orders her not to walk up and down the stairs in his Greek island mansion without supervision. Those stairs were very foreboding, every time Marley went anywhere I wondered if she was about to fall down them. Or get pushed down them, by Chrysander’s evil assistant. That assistant was so evil. She was always showing up in a bikini with papers that Chrysander had to sign, just as he was about to get cuddly with Marley. It took quite some time for Chrysander to decide this was all slightly inappropriate.Marley and Chrysander play this game, where Chrysander tells Marley what to do and she smiles sweetly and then does something cutely disobedient. This might look like she’s standing up to Chrysander for being such a control freak, but it’s not. There’s a point later in the book where Chrysander and Marely are in a limo together and Marely says something like ‘you treat me like I’m your pet,’ and yes, exactly: that’s their relationship. He disciplines, she adores, and is occasionally adorably naughty so that he can do something about it. The whole plot is breathtakingly implausible. It’s adorably crazy. There is no way anything that happens in this book can be taken seriously, and I loved it.

  • Melody Cox
    2019-04-28 00:30

    ***4.50 Stars***This book grew on me. At first I only rated it three-stars, but something niggled at me to read it again a year and a half later. It may have been my mood the first time through because the second time I grasped onto each page, devouring every written word, and thought it was very good, bordering on great. In fact, I'm placing this on my 'Yearly Reread List' with other books I liked so much that once was not enough. Marley Jameson was Chrysander Anetakis's mistress until the night he found planted company secrets sticking out of her purse. He immediately jumps to the conclusion that she's selling his top secret plans to his rival.Marley loves Anetakis and has just found out she's pregnant and is ready to tell him until he walks into their bedroom furious and gives her a matter of minutes to leave. The woman has no job and no place to live and he throws her out into the street like garbage. This is NOT a man of honor, but seems stereotypical of the extremely wealthy, gorgeous world of the Greeks as portrayed in many books. As soon as she leaves his apartment she's kidnapped and held for three months. The jerk of a man never once checks on her after throwing her away. One evening he's watching the news and sees a report about a woman who was kidnapped three months prior and is five months pregnant. To his shock he sees that it's Marley. She now has amnesia and he goes to the hospital and tells them she's his fiance and whisks her off to his island until the baby is born.I must say that when things finally came to a head the man, Chrysander, sure stepped up to the plate. I usually fuss and am annoyed because many authors simply let the hero off too easily when not near enough groveling has taken place. In other words, the hero is usually under-redeemed in most instances but not this one. Even though his actions caused such brokenness and devastation, the author did a great job in bringing this hero full circle so that in the end, I was in love him, too. I definitely recommend this book as well as the series.

  • Wendy Keel
    2019-04-30 03:43

    This was a very interesting book. Ms. Banks takes a storyline that once was used to often and gives it a new fresh feel, the story of amnesia. Our heroine, Marley loved Chrysander, but he thought she had stolen from his family and his company. So while he cared for his mistress he sent her away from his home one night.Marley so upset she couldn't think left without anything, no purse, none of her things, nothing. While still in shock over Chrysander's comments, Marley is kidnapped. She's worried about herself and the baby she only recently learned she was carrying. Months pass, and Chrysander has no idea Marley was kidnapped. He returns to NYC and is deciding it's time to remove Marley's things from his home when he learns from the TV that Marley was just found after having been held captive for months with memory of her past or the abduction or what happened during the months. She doesn't even remember who the father of her child is. Chrysander knows the child is his and is shocked to learn that Marley was in danger and he never knew. He rushes to her side and tells her they are engaged. He promptly whisks Marley away to his island and works to keep her safe, meanwhile he's struggling with the feelings he always had for her, his doubts to her trustworthiness and the new feelings having her with him again and knowing they are having a baby inspires in him. Is it possible to have a life with a woman he adores but doesn't trust? But is it really possible that she did steal from him? Or is more going on? Marley is upset and frustrated, her body remembers Chrysander and she feels safe with him, but nothing else seems familar. She wants to remember but at the same time there is a fear to remembering. What will happen when the past rushes to meet the present and family they've building is suddenly in question? Can they find a future together or will the truth only cause more pain?THE TYCOON'S PREGNANT MISTRESS reads like a longer novel. The emotional issues and the mystery to the theft within Chrysander's company add to the charm of this story. I found myself deeply moved by Theron and eager to learn more about this younger brother of Chrysander. There is another brother Piers he has a ways to go to redeem himself in my eyes but Theron for some reason has already done that and grabbed my attention from his few appearances in this book. Maya Banks has written a wonderful story of love, loss, trust, and the struggles that we face with a relationship and how others actions can change our lives in unexpected ways. This is a great story I'd suggest everyone read. It's a category that reads like a much longer mass market book.

  • Leona
    2019-04-28 03:48 this was a fascinating book, but really went down hill and fell flat in the last 30 pages. I have never read a Maya Banks book, but for some reason, I expected better from her. I actually could get past the implausibility of the kidnapping and the fact that the kidnapping wasn't resolved in the end. I could get past the fact that even though she had major reservations about Chrysander (she could see his hatred for her in his eyes) she was still willing to hop off to his secluded Greek Island. I could even buy the fact that she thought they had a loving relationship, even though he only slotted her in for appointments, made sure that he kept his distance, never went to his other homes, and never met his family.(even though they were engaged). BUT, what I didn't understand is how she could just roll over and forgive everything and agree to marry him. She should have been running for her life!It could have been so much better if:1) There was a more plausible way to hang the offense on the PA rather than her willingly confessing in just nanoseconds. I mean come on...the woman was a genius to have been able to pin all that on Marley in the first place. She would not be that stupid to confess all.2) Marley should have had more backbone...All that swooning, and fainting and numbness got to be a bit ridiculous. Granted, I don't know anything about amnesia, but ....PLEASE no wonder the poor man wouldn't let her walk up the stairs. It was a wonder she could feed or dress herself. Seriously, the real issue wasn't that the PA set her up. The real issue was his ability to compartmentalize her as his mistress and throw her out in the street over some very flimsy circumstantial evidence. Furthermore, in all the time she was gone, he never wondered where she was, why she didn't come back to get her things. The fact that he didn't get the ransom note, didn't exonerate him from being responsible for what happened to her. If he had cared even a little bit, he would have known that she totally disappeared without a trace and alarm bells should have gone off. He was indifferent to her, except for the baby. She was more interested in the sex, than in his love....So I just couldn't buy into the Happy Ending.

  • JennyG
    2019-05-11 00:34

    This book had potential. Unfortunately, it was ruined by not only occasional bad grammar and typos but by contrived and choppy writing, passive TSTL heroine and TSTL hero.I am a fan of amnesia stories but this one didn't make sense. The hero is supposed to be a stranger since she is amnesic and she allows him to do with her what he wants? A bit of caution and restraint would have been in order. One of heroine's TSTL moments:Heroine: "Chrysander, why do you have so many security people?"She poses this question to the hero after finding out that he is one of the richest people in the world (she did an Internet search on him).

  • Jenny
    2019-05-11 05:38

    I loved the angst but poor heroine she suffered too much! my heart broke for her. it was obvious the thief was his evil bitchy secretary. how could he blame poor Marley? glad we got an epilogue with the birth of their baby boy!

  • Paula Legate
    2019-05-04 04:28

    I just finished reading this book for the 3rd time. It is one of my favorites. Maya Banks is a very talented author. I hate that she changed the cover of the book. This one is much better than the new one. Just my opinion. Back to the book itself: I felt the deep emotions of agony, pain, and love. I read a lot of books, and this book is by far the best at telling the story, that I could feel the intense emotions that the characters were feeling. I was pulled right into the story.Marley had just found out she was pregnant. Before she got the chance to tell Chrysander, he accused her of stealing from his company. He kicked her out of his penthouse. Marley was numb from the pain, and was not aware of her surroundings. The next thing she knows a bag is being dropped over her head. She was kidnapped. 3 months later she wakes up in a hospital with no memory. Chrysanders is there by her bedside saying that he is her fiancé, and the father of her unborn child. Chrysanders is torn in this story. He is in love with Marley. You can tell by his actions. At the same time, he can't trust her. She had stole from his company, from his family. He has been warned by Marley's doctors not to tell her anything, to let her memories come back on their own. What he does know is he will do everything in his powers to keep her, and his child safe. Chrysanders was really concerned with her health, and making sure she was well taking care of. Marley knows Chrysanders is concerned about her well being. She just does not know why he holds himself back from her. Without her memory, she does not understand. So many little things just does not add up, but she can't piece it together. This truly is a love story. The two fall in love three times throughout this journey. This story really gripped, and tugged at my heart. The story was filled with Kidnapping, amnesia, Betrayal, love, marriage, and Marley’s pregnancy. Once you pick this book up, you will not want to put it down till the last page is read. This is a spoiler, but it was my favorite part of the book. Sample taking from the epilogue“Do not worry, my darling,” He said in uncharacteristic English. “We’ll have you to the hospital in no time.” “Darling?” She laughed and then ended it in a moan. “It hurts, Chysanders.” He paled as he climbed into the helicopter with her. “You aren’t allowed to use English endearments,” she panted. “Greek sounds so much sexier.” “Pedhaki mou, Yineka mou, agape mou,” he whispered in her ear. My little one, my woman, my love. “Much better,” she sighed. She smiled then winced again as they lifted off

  • Aarann
    2019-04-27 01:45

    I enjoyed this book. It actually reminded me a lot of what Response would have been if written in present day. When the book opens, Marley has just found out she's pregnant. Rather than telling her boyfriend, Chrysander, she asks him about their relationship and is told rather succinctly, that she is a mistress, not a girlfriend, not future wife material -- pretty much that she's spent this whole time thinking they had a love relationship when in actuality he thinks of her as his whore (he's not that blunt, but I get why she thought the way she did). Immediately after that, Chrysander's seductress assistant comes by with some papers and right after she leaves, he finds incriminating papers in Marley's bag. Gosh. Wonder where those came from.Either way, he throws her out unceremoniously and just as Marley is developing the urge to go back and make him believe her and then tell him about the baby, she's kidnapped. Three months later, Marley shows up on the news, a pregnant amnesiac. Chrysander, peach that he is, comes to the conclusion that it has to be his baby because even though he's convinced she was selling company secrets to someone else, surely he would have known if she'd been cheating on him. He goes to the hospital and declares that Marley's his fiance and she goes with it.Honestly, most of the book is only mildly interesting because it's Marley trying to figure out her relationship with Chrysander and him behaving like a douchenozzle because he still thinks she betrayed him. After a while (in the last few chapters), he becomes convinced he can still make a marriage with her work despite the fact that he thinks she's a design-stealing saboteur. Of course about this time, Marley remembers everything and oh, boy howdy, does she ever. That's what really makes the book worth it because it isn't very long after that before Chrysander realizes who the true design-stealing ho-bag is. I wouldn't call it a grovel at this point because, honestly, Marley doesn't give him much of a chance (she's also remembered what happened after she was kidnapped and hurt doesn't begin to cover what she's feeling), but I felt he was made to pay satisfactorily for his sins through his own guilt and seeing Marley's desperation to get away from him and inability to believe that he loves her. That's why I'm putting this on my "grovel" shelf -- not so much because he does it but because I felt like he was aware of his asshattery by the end.I have an extreme relationship with Maya Banks. Her books rarely "do it" for me. Happy to say this one totally worked. In fact, I think I'm putting this one on the Keeper shelf, which I never thought would happen with a Maya Banks. Go fig. It wasn't a great book and is definitely a guilty pleasure in the realm of HP books, but it's one that worked for me.

  • RLA
    2019-05-06 23:50

    At the start of the book the heroine Marley has just found out she is pregnant and although she and the hero Chrysander have been together a while, Marley doesn't know where their relationship is going. Before she gets the chance to tell him about the pregnancy he confronts her and accuses her of stealing information from his company and orders her out where she is then kidnapped. Three month later Chrysander discovers that Marley has been held hostage since they last saw each other and she is pregnant. As a coping mechanism for the trauma she has suffered she seems to be suffering from amnesia. Although he is still reeling from her supposed betrayal Chrysander knows it's his baby and also knows he needs to take care of her. Marley is confused over her feelings about Chrysander and she recognises that on occasions he seems angry towards he. But as they spend time together they get to know one another and even though Marley's memory still hasn't returned she is very happy, and so is Chrysander. However when more information is stolen and Marley's memory returns their happiness comes crashing down. I enjoyed this book, the plot is rather predictable but interesting and really well done. Although, it was obvious who was responsible from very early on and that was a little frustrating. I really like the authors style and the story flows really well, the characters are both well developed and the chemistry between them is intense. The book has a wonderful mix of emotion and passion that kept me interested. I do think that the story could have been taken further to make it really great, it certainly had potential and there are a few issues left unresolved that disappoints the book. Overall though, this is a quick and enjoyable read. Originally posted at http://everyday-is-the-same.blogspot....

  • Gina
    2019-05-08 03:28

    I have gone down a path of free downloads of which there is no escape. (And a friend just sent me a link for 9 more today. Help!) At least it feels that way if I read and finished this. So many DNF moments yet I just kept going! This is old school pregnesia WTF-ery at its finest. There is also kidnapping, a billionaire with a private island, the evil female rival, and enough plot holes to make it all the way to the other side of the earth. I couldn't stand the hero or the heroine and didn't want them to end up together. Yet, despite all that, this is still readable. I have some friends who love this kind of crazy and would enjoy it a lot. But not me.

  • Debby
    2019-05-13 00:25

    The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress #1 is about Marley (heroine) who finds herself in love and pregnant by overbearing and demanding Chrysander (Greek hero) who happens to be a tycoon. Not used to having so much take place in one chapter, but Chapter One provides for her finding out she's pregnant, making fantastic love to the tycoon, being falsely accused for selling her Greek lover's company secrets, then being kicked out the apartment on her butt by the Greek lover, and kidnapped while crying on a street corner in NY and later turning up with amnesia. A bit of "Murphy's Law" going on.With that being said, it takes three months for Chrysander to see her on the news, rushes to the hospital and told by the doctor that she is 5 months pregnant and has amnesia. Later he takes her to his Greek island where Marley grapples to regain her forgotten memories of the so-called relationship between her and her hero. Hmmm... not sure why after he called her his mistress and kicked her out. And I thought mistresses were "side chicks" not main squeezes. Chrysander doesn't know how to handle his emotions where Marley is concerned during this ordeal as he displays cold disdain for her one minute and pours his burning hunka desire into her at everu chance he can get. It takes Marley overhearing everything that conjures all of the lies, deceipt and hurt she experienced from the idot of a lover she wants in her life. Chrysander finding out the truth that his personal assistant Robyn was behind everything so that she could get her hands on a piece of his Greekness was the icing on the cake. Being the fool that he was he had to grovel and convince Marley how wrong he was and redeem himself in her eyes, as well as his two Greeky brothers. In the end, it takes him saying "I love You" and her forgiveness that leads them to the alter. My Opinion: Marley was 5 months pregnant, I thought there was a bit too much intimacy between her and her very zealous Greek lover. It seemed that everytime he touch her, they found themselves more in bed than out. I also understand that he is a weathly hero, but everyone dropping everything at a dime to tend to his demands was a bit much. In addition, the kidnapping/emotional aspect that led to her amnesia wasn't very convincing but I guess something had to be put into the plot for a twist.Loved Maya Banks hilander series as it was a bit away from the erotica genre I had read of hers some time ago. Sihouette writing brings back memories and it is a change for Maya Banks. I can say however that I did enjoy the story as it kept my attention to finish it. Will I read the next in the series....not sure just yet...jury still out. *** 3.5 Stars ***

  • Netha
    2019-05-23 04:28

    maya bank emang jago bikin novel yang mengaduk2 emosi....ini salah 1 nyaHidup Maley Jameson terpuruk setelah mendapati dirinya pregnant sedang Crysander, pria yang selama ini sangat dicintainya, ternyata menganggapnya hanyalah seorang mistress.parahnya lagi crysander menuduh maley sebagai traitor & menjual rahasia perusahaan crysander pada saingan crysander.crysander tidak memberikan kesempatan pada maley untuk membela diri maupun menjelaskan, tau2 crysander sudah melemparnya ke jalanan.sakit hati atas perlakuan crysander tidak sempat dirasakan maley karna baru saja dilemparkan keluar tiba2 dia sudah diculik oleh serombongan orang tak dikenal.3 bulan berlalu...crysander masih tidak dapat melupakan maley tp juga masih merasa sakit atas penghianatan maley. untuk pertama kali sejak crysander mendepak maley, crysander melihat kembali maley. di tv, dengan berita maley sbg korban penculikan, & maley hamil......crysander yakin bayi yang dikandung maley adalah anaknya (untunglah crysander sadar itu anaknya), crysander segera menemui maley. namun maley yg ditemuinya adalah maley yg mengalami trauma & tidak ingat apapun baik namanya maupun kehidupannya.keadaan maley yg kehilangan memory memudahkan crysander mengurus semuanya. crysander membawa maley ke greece & merawat maley. crysander berniat menikah dengan maley secepatnya.well, sepertinya crysander jatuh cinta kembali pada maley. maley yg kehilangan ingatan membuat crysander berniat memulai segalanya dari baru. dia ingin menjaga & membahagiakan maley serta bayi mereka.tapi agak susah juga, gimana crysander mau membahagiakan maley kalo crysander sendiri masih percaya kalo maley adalah seorang penghianat???segalanya serba tidak mendukung. ke 2 adik crysander pun tidak menyukai maley bahkan roslyn, asisstant crysander spt terus muncul & membisikan kata2 keraguan ttg maley pada crysander.untungnya crysander walo masih tidak mempercayai maley tp dia tetap teguh untuk menjaga & merawat maley.crysander ingin memulai segala yg baru dengan maley & berharap ingatan maley tetap tidak kembali. karna saat ingatan maley kembali semuanya akan kembali tidak pasti....dulu mungkin crysander gampang bgt tau maley berkhianat dia bisa mendepak maley tp sekarang maley mengandung bayinya, berarti selamanya antara maley & crisander ada ikatan tak terhapuskan.apapun perkataaan ke 2 saudara crysander & roslyn, crysander tetap akan menikahi maley. dia tidak ingin kehilangan maley & bayi mereka.baca novel ini apalagi di bagian2 bab terakhir buat aq nangis....ya ampun aq bisa ngerasain nelangsanya maley....hidupnya yang tadinya sempurna luluh lantak, bayangkan betapa kagetnya maley setelah tidak sengaja mendengar percakapan crysander dengan thelon, adiknya. betapa suara thelon penuh kebencian pada maley.belum dapat menerima segala ucapan thelon & crysander, maley dihantam dengan kembalinya ingatannya...seluruhnya. maley ingat saat crysander tanpa mau tau mendepaknya ke jalanan tanpa memberinya kesempatan untuk berbicara, betapa selama 3 bulan dia harus hidup penuh siksaan & kepedihan dibawah belas kasihan para penculik & kenyataan crysander tidak bersedia membayar ransom demi hidup maley, & sekarang ternyata segala yg dilakukan crysander pada maley hanyalah lagi2 sebuah kebohongan.duhhhhhhh maley aq ikut sedihhhhh.....crysander memang dodol tiada terkira.soal penghianatan tidak sekalipun crysander menanyakan pada maley tapi crysander langsung menuduh & mengusir maley.itu yang membuat maley sakit hati serta kenyataan bahwa crysander tidak bersedia membayar ransom. crysander tega membiarkan maley & bayi mereka berada ditangan para penculik.ah maley, ayo ku bantu ngetok crysander.....maya banks emang jago buat novel yg mengaduk2 emosi. kita bisa ngrasain betapa putus asa & sakitnya hati maley.kita juga bisa ngerasa simpati pada crysander yg walo duh katanya pebisnis ulung tp ga ada pandai2nya sama sekali menilai character orang tapi perjuangan crysander mendapatkan kembali cinta maley.1 lagi yg buat aq suka novel maya bank walo ini romance...maya banks membuat ending novel ini enak diterima.seringan baca novel romance bete di ending. lha gimana ga bete tar tau2 si hero tau salah lalu minta maaf ke heroes nya lalu heroesnya dengan gampangnya menerima permintaan maaf & lgs jatuh dlm pelukan si hero. kalo udah gitu aq bengong, lha tengah2nya rame penuh intrik tau2 dueng endingnya gituuuu aja. tau2 abis.lha si heroes apa ga ada harga dirinya sedikit. ga ada proses mikir or gimana gitu.kalo maya banks ada prosesnya.crysander memang tau salah & semua meminta maaf maley tapi maley terlepas dr cintanya pada crysander juga butuh waktu untuk memroses semuanya, untuk memberi hati & pikirannya waktu untuk mengevaluasi & memikirkan semuanya dengan menyeluruh. nah kalo gt yang baca khan enak, endingnya diselesaikan dengan baik & memuaskan....bravo maya banks

  • Ivana
    2019-04-29 22:40


  • Teena in Toronto
    2019-05-25 05:27

    This is the first book in the "Tycoon" series with the Anetakis brothers ... this one is about the oldest brother, Chrysander. I'd read the one focusing on Theron yesterday (they are quick reads) and thought it was pretty dumb. But I'd already downloaded this one from the library so thought I'd give it a shot.It's not a great book but I enjoyed it more than the first one and the author seemed to be more in touch with reality.I know it's a Silhouette Romance but there were some flaws that I had to shake my head at:Marley was kidnapped for three months and no one even missed her (it's always convenient that most heroines are only children whose parents are dead). After she is found, Chysander waltzed into the hospital, announced that he was her fiancé and was able to take her home. Considering the kidnappers are still out there, you'd think someone would have used some diligence to ensure that Chysander was indeed her fiancé (he wasn't).Marley spent about a half hour online looking for info about Chrysander's and that's it. The first thing I would have done was Google my own name (that's all she can remember) and see what pops up to see who I was. Instead she took Chrysander's word about everything.They fly to from New York to Greece a couple times on a private jet but there doesn't seem to be any issue about going through security, passports, etc.When Chrysander discovered the "clue" that led him to believe Marley was selling company secrets, he threw her out five minutes later without even giving her a chance to explain. Who would want a guy like?!If you based your opinion of Greek men on this series, you'd think they are rich, arrogant, manipulative, cold A-holes who, once they realize they love you, become putty in your hand.I figured out "whodunnit" on page 2!It is reminiscent of The Darkest Hour with its storyline of the heroine having amnesia and our hero lamenting on and on about what will happen when she gets her memory back.I think the titles of this series are so lame ... The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress, The Tycoon's Rebel Bride, etc.Blog review:

  • Paige
    2019-05-05 06:22

    4.5 starsAnother hit for Maya Banks in my opinion. I really liked THE TYCOON’S PREGNANT MISTRESS. ***Details***I was worried going in that the entire book would be spent with Chrysander Anetakis wanting payback on Marley Jameson after he believes her to be selling insider information to his competitors. On the day Marley is set to tell Chrysander about her pregnancy, she questions the statues of their relationship and he accuses her of stealing. As she’s leaving their building she is captured. A few months later and Chrysander finds he still can’t get Marley out of his mind. He turns on the news and sees the story of her recovery from captivity and learns she’s suffering from amnesia. Acting as her fiancé, he learns of her pregnancy and immediately takes her into his care. The time Marley spends with amnesia is very sweet. She comes out of her shell from the person she was before with Chrysander and doesn’t let him overshadow her needs. Mostly, I loved how Chrysander took care of her. He never let his anger override what was right. It quickly became apparent that he couldn’t keep walls up between them. Marley broke all his defenses and he couldn’t stay angry at her. For both of them, things began not adding up. For Marley it was the oddities she picked up on their relationship and with people around them. For Chrysander he began seeing the Marley he never allowed himself to get close too and questioned whether she could have done what he accused her of. With their wedding approaching, Marley finally regains her memory and Chrysander is in for the fight of his life to show her he never lied to her during their time together since her amnesia. Many things come to light, including the one behind the selling of information. Luckily, Marley has just a good a heart as Chrysander, for not only can she forgive him, but she loves him as well. This book was great and I’d give it a 5 star if I felt that I would readily pick it up again to read, but I’m not sure it has the qualities for me to want to reread.

  • Lynsey A
    2019-05-13 23:47

    This one was a slow start but definitely picked up in the middle and in to the end. It was super obvious that the evil other woman was the true villian, which is typical in these short little stories. Still made for interesting reading. I didn't like that the kidnapping wasn't resolved but since the kidnappers were actually nice to the heroine it didn't really matter. It really seems as if it was just thrown in there so as to develop the story more, which worked.It took a bit for Chrysander to grow on me. He just was too much of a jerk in the beginning. He did get better as the story went along. He was cute with her when he would get "upset" over Marley's adventures in the garden or her defiance in walking down the stairs by herself. There were several cute moments.Soon, I will read Piers and Theron's stories. I have other books to read from the library first but I will get them on my list of to read books!

  • Amanda Sheila
    2019-05-18 05:24

    Definitely typical of Maya Banks's. :)Chrysander is furious when he found out about Marley's betrayal. Apparently when they're together, Marley managed to stole some important informations about his work and sold them to his enemy. Chrysander ditch her right away. Marley's pregnant. With Chrysander's baby. And a minute before she spill the beans, Chrysander accused her for no reason and then shoo her without an explanation. Hurt and pregnant, Marley walked home. But someone kidnapped her a second she walks away.. Very very typical story of Maya Banks. The storyline's very similar of her books, except for the twist and the angst. But mostly, it's just the same. Not that I'm complaining, I don't. In fact, I like it! I like every cliché heartbroken heroine and misunderstanding Hero. Very boom boom kapow! :)If you seek for very bent-to-his-knee-apologizing Hero, just read Maya Banks's books. This one is one of the good one. :)

  • Debbie
    2019-05-20 02:38

    I read this one in the past and based on another GR review, I had to read again. After the H cruelly rejects her (believing she stole secret company info and informing her she is just his mistress), Marley is abducted and held for ransom. The trauma is so great, when she is recovered she has amnesia. There is a particularly nasty and interfering personal assistant who causes a number of problems for the couple while on the road to HEA. I liked it - 3.5 rounded stars.