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Tell Me Why is a feminist twist of the creation story told with love from a mother to her son, in hopes of crafting a different world for them both.This is the third book in The Girl God series, written specifically with boys in mind.“Men, too, need the feminine divine in order to reconcile with, recover, and honor the repressed and denied feminine aspects of their own beiTell Me Why is a feminist twist of the creation story told with love from a mother to her son, in hopes of crafting a different world for them both.This is the third book in The Girl God series, written specifically with boys in mind.“Men, too, need the feminine divine in order to reconcile with, recover, and honor the repressed and denied feminine aspects of their own being and becoming.” – Jane Caputi...

Title : Tell Me Why
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ISBN : 9781497434547
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Number of Pages : 40 Pages
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Tell Me Why Reviews

  • Patrick Morton
    2019-05-23 00:43

    The illustrations by Elizabeth Slettnes are wonderfully primitive, possessing great child-appeal to match such a tale of spirit. Trista Hendren approaches this selection of The Girl God series to deeply expound upon the differences between genders in such a tender way that girls and boys may learn about these deep issues of our society in a suitably elementary manner. Not only a good tool for teaching non-Traditional Christian Values (like Jesus Witchcraft), this book will translate easily to teachings in Wicca, Witchcraft, Shamanism or Paganism in general. I can even see liberal parents of Hinduism, Buddhism and Muslim being willing to read these to their children Being an advanced Witch with minister credentials, even I learned a new way of looking at the gender differences and applaud the author herein as she offers a path for forgiveness between young children with a minimum of embarrassment. I am now wanting to read the entire series and gift these books to the youths in my family.

  • Elizabeth Hall
    2019-05-28 04:36

    Trista Hendren, author of The Girl God and Mother Earth, has written a deeply necessary book: Tell Me Why, a book for boys that explains why the divine feminine is important for boys and men. In Ms. Hendren’s previous books for children, a little girl, Helani Claire, is the questioning child. Here, the child at the center of the story is a boy, Joey. Just as Helani Claire is clearly a beloved daughter, so Joey is clearly a beloved son—as the story unfolds, it is a mother’s love for her boy that helps him understand why the world is as it is, and why we need the restorative power of women, both earthly and divine, to heal.The three elements of the book work together to emphasize the importance of the divine feminine for boys: The story: On a day when Joey’s mother is feeling sad about the state of the world, she sits with him and affirms her love for him, his importance in her life and in the world, her hopes for his happiness and health. Joey asks his mother to tell him why things are as they are, and his mother tells him the story of the subversion of the divine feminine, and the institution of patriarchy. She doesn’t use these words, of course. Instead, she uses parable, drawing on the familiar story of forbidden fruit, but placing the tale within the context of male power and female submission. As the tale unfolds, it is clear that boys and girls—who were once great friends and companions—must be so again, not only for the good of girls, but for boys as well. When girls are forced to live powerless lives, boys suffer too—in loneliness, in constant competition with one another, and in guilt and sadness. This is a vital lesson for boys, and as the tale ends, it is clear that the path forward is one of forgiveness, healing, compassion, and partnership. The illustrations: Elisabeth Slettnes captures the drama of this tale in her gorgeous artwork. There are pictures that represent isolation and sadness, all blue angles and unsettling proportions. There are pictures that burst with the glory of life, of pleasure, of partnership, the colors of the painting reflecting the harmony of equality. The pictures track the tale itself, showing us both the woe of separation and the joy of reunion. The quotations: The story is augmented by beautiful quotations from great writers and spiritual thinkers, including Alice Walker, Rumi, Maxine Hong Kingston, and Oscar Wilde. The quotations surround the tale with love, with inspiration, with hope—the counterbalance to all that is wrong with the world. These words work in conjunction with the artwork and Ms. Hendren’s story to create the impression that, despite the sadness of the tale, all is not lost—the path forward is lined with the words of spiritual understanding and love.Tell Me Why is a wonderful book for a boy to read with his mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, babysitter, friend. The conversation between mother and son at the beginning of the book, and the quotes and artwork throughout, provide a wonderful context for explaining to boys that the story of “why things are the way they are” isn’t about blaming boys or men, but about recognizing history and healing it, for the good of all.

  • Monette Chilson
    2019-06-09 07:59

    This latest book in Trista’s vibrantly illustrated children’s series uses a reimagined version of the Genesis story of Adam and Eve as an opening to begin discussing the loss of Mother God with children, especially with boys. The book does a beautiful job of describing the loss that boys feel when they are denied the companionship of the feminine side of God and, consequently, a healthy relationship with women in their lives. It is not a book that bashes men or masculinity; instead, it exposes the wounds caused by gender stereotyping and patriarchal religion, while leaving readers full of hope for reclaiming an Edenesque harmony between men and women. This is an ideal companion to the earlier books in this series, The Girl God (written to introduce the concept of God as female to girls who have never seen themselves reflected in divine imagery) and Mother Earth (a loving tribute and call to action to care for our world honor its sacredness).

  • Darlene
    2019-06-01 01:42

    Another amazing gem! This one was dedicated to the author's son and the male community at large. Still there was a lot of wisdom to be inhaled by all.Once again, this was one I couldn't afford right now but when I saw I could get it through Kindle Unlimited, I just grabbed it up and gobbled it down. The illustrations by Elisabeth Slettnes were breathtaking. The quotes by wise ones worth rereading over and over. That's why I must buy this one once I get paid. Not only do I want the whole series on my Kindle, I want the tree copies to highlight and meditate over.

  • Alyscia Cunningham
    2019-05-31 06:01

    My son really appreciated Tell Me Why. I love the fact that Trista created a book that focused on boys, connecting the importance of healthy relationships with women. I don't only believe in women empowerment because I am a woman and I have daughters but also because I know the significance of also having a powerful relationship with my son and husband. Tell Me Why broke down barriers of "This is only for girls" and invites in depth conversations that we must have with our sons. Superb!