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The last thing Daniel, a hard-working public defender, expected to see the morning after a one night stand was his hook-up staring back at him from the wrong side of the law. Assigned to work his case, Daniel vows to keep things professional with Rafael but has a hard time controlling his craving for dominance, the control, and the connection they shared. Rafael, a paid DoThe last thing Daniel, a hard-working public defender, expected to see the morning after a one night stand was his hook-up staring back at him from the wrong side of the law. Assigned to work his case, Daniel vows to keep things professional with Rafael but has a hard time controlling his craving for dominance, the control, and the connection they shared. Rafael, a paid Dominant in the Chicago underworld, has been dealing with a cop problem for far too long. Used to sex with no emotion, he’s entranced with Daniel’s submission, his innocence, and…could there be something more? Can Daniel clear Rafael's name, keeping him out of jail and in his life, with the odds, a cop, and the mounting evidence against them? Be Warned: m/m sex, BDSM, branding, flogging, caning, whipping...

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Legally Bound Reviews

  • Catherine
    2019-06-14 01:14

    *** 1.5 Stars *** Nothing about this book worked for me. A friend and I recently had a conversation about BDSM erotica and romance novels. Though the specifics of what turned our cranks differed somewhat, one of the things that we agreed upon was that in order for us to enjoy a novel with BDSM themes, there had to be a deep emotional connection between the main characters. For us, the power exchange between a Dom and a sub is hottest when it is based upon mutual trust, respect, understanding, and a sense of equality between partners. I want to know about the character’s emotions and motivations – why are they drawn to the lifestyle? What deep-seated need or desire does the D/s relationship fulfill for them?Unfortunately, I didn’t feel as if there was enough emotional depth in Legally Bound to make me invest in the characters or the story the way that I had hoped I would. I never felt as if the relationship between Daniel and Rafael moved beyond the lust and curiosity of a one night stand into something more meaningful. Lust and hormones and curiosity can make for a steamy sex scene, I'll give the author that, but ultimately, this lack of a deeper connection between the characters made the BDSM elements of the books feel tawdry and rushed.In fact, parts of the author’s depiction of the BDSM lifestyle made me feel downright uncomfortable. I understand that there’s not one “right” way to explore or engage in BDSM play (nor a singular way to depict it in books), but the one thing that people seem to accept unquestioningly is that it must be safe, sane, and consensual at all times. (view spoiler)[In Legally Bound, however, Daniel and Raf not only engage in restraints, and floggings, and wax play long before they have discussed limits and safe words, but Rafael’s character admits to engaging in scenes with clients while strung out on Vicodin! Later in the book he takes a crop to King's slave while angry and not entirely in control. *watches as the author throws the “Safe, Sane, Consensual” edict right out the window, pours gasoline on it, and sets it on fire.*(hide spoiler)]As for the rest of the book, I respect an author’s prerogative to make creative choices and shape a book however they see fit. I just don’t understand why anyone would set out to create the most idiotic, unethical characters on the face of the planet. Between the characters’ very relationship, the ridiculous timing of their (view spoiler)[solicitation role play (hide spoiler)], and Daniel’s decision to (view spoiler)[confront McCoy at his home and then refuse to go to the hospital or press charges after he is brutalized (hide spoiler)], I am baffled by these characters and the decisions that they make. (Don't even get me started on the fact that Rafael and Daniel (view spoiler)[have sex immediately after Daniel is assaulted (hide spoiler)]!)And, before anyone gets up in arms about that last paragraph, I’ll just point out that Daniel’s disregard for his professional ethics are one of the central themes of this book (and therefore fair game for this review) and that the author, himself, refers to Daniel’s behaviour as “idiotic” on more than one occasion.From a technical standpoint, I didn’t find the book to be particularly well-written either. It contained a fair amount of unnecessary punctuation, orphaned words that should have been caught and removed during editing, and awkward phrasing. Choppy sentence structure and jarring transitions between characters’ thoughts and actions often left me re-reading passages to ensure that I hadn’t inadvertently skipped something (I hadn’t). Although they may bother other readers less than they did me, I found that these errors made it difficult for me to get into the groove of the book’s narrative style and ultimately made the book feel amateurish. That said, I did find that the writing began to smooth out somewhere around the book’s midpoint. This made for a much more pleasant reading experience in the second half of the book and bodes well for the author’s future work. The one writing quirk that I couldn’t ignore or get past was the author’s habit of referring to his characters as “the lawyer” or “the male” or “the Dominant” rather than using their names or personal pronouns. It was weirdly impersonal and made it feel as if there was a distance between the characters long after they had supposedly formed a strong emotional connection. It also put a distance between the characters and me, as a reader, which I think contributed to why I never connected with either of Daniel or Rafael. I believe that there are plenty of readers out there that will happily overlook the aspects of Legally Bound that I took issue with. Those readers will probably find the book sexy and intriguing. However, this review is about my reactions to the book, and they weren’t favourable (to say anything else would be dishonest).

  • Gigi
    2019-06-11 03:12

    Not for me.

  • Kat
    2019-05-20 05:02

    This was as close to a DNF as I would ever come... what safed the book was that I generally finish all the books I read.There are a lot of things which annoyed me about this book, the following are just a few: (view spoiler)[- 'the male', 'the lawyer', 'the client'... people were constantly adressed like this and it got on my nerves after a while. I hoped it would get better if the MCs got to know each other better but no, it didn't... 'the male' was the word that annoyed me most and it's used 64 times...- The fact that Daniel as public defender should not have an affair with Raffael the client is mentioned several times, especially by Jesse, Daniel's fellow lawyer, who asks them not to go on with the affair. But despite this, Daniel and Raffael continue their affair...- Raffael is addicted to Vicodin... he detoxes and spends one night and day puking, sick, having a horrible headache, nonetheless he's fully able to do a wax and edging scene with Daniel... Throughout the whole story Raffael not once has a craving for his drugs. He just spends one day detoxing and then he's fine... somehow that strices me a bit unrealistic.- Now one thing that disturbed me a lot... Raffael is using, he's constantly high on Vicodin and nonetheless he's scening with subs? All his talk about the safety of subs and the responsibility he has towards them is totall bullshit regarded in the context! How ruthless and thoughtless a Dom needs to be that he endangers his subs like that?- What I found also very disturbing is Raffaels thought when being asked to punish George's slave that he's looking forward to working off his pent up frustration while doing so... that's so wrong!- And that leads me to Daniel... he knows that Raffael is using and despite that he's playing with him? Stupid!- Raffael is charged with soliciting but he and Daniel go out and role play getting hit on by a hooker. They're both surprised that they got arrested... - Daniel gets drugged and beaten half to death by McCoy with a cane and a cat o'nine tails... but he's able to drive home, gets mouthy with his boyfriend, takes a shower and has sex with Raffael?? Huh?? The next day he's able to go to work? As if...- George, the king of the underworld... he's a cliche, but despite this I liked the guy... also he got referred to as "the sadist" all the time... he, of course, knows everybody and safes the whole thing in the end. George knows a lot of people who come handy in finding a solution for the whole mess and all of them are, of course, subs or Doms who owe him a debt...- Jesse and his wife are both just annoying... man up, Jesse and divorce her...- Daniel himself remains flat, there's no background information at all... (hide spoiler)]That's it for now, that was not all but all I can think of at the moment...

  • Vivian
    2019-05-24 08:53

    Unfortunately, this was disappointing in several keys areas. There are issues with the mechanics, the plot, unsexy sexy times, and the underlying tone and blatant ignorance regarding BDSM. Not thrilled with the overuse of the Dominant and the attorney as tags to keep the reader informed of who's doing what. Sentence structure and POV could have assisted and made it less clunky. Not to mention it destroys intimacy. This continues through the book, and at points Daniel and Raf are referred to as 'the male'? The broad shouldered male was there helping him into the massive tub.That is not normal for existing relationships. Needless to say, each instance pulled me out of reading. There are consistency issues that just beg for the editor. In the heat of the moment, Daniel's wearing a cock ring which Rafael never removes and yet he shoots like a geyser when given permission to come. After a shared car ride Daniel leaves the car first with Rafael to follow, but takes the keys and thereby leaving his car unlocked in Chicago? Then there's problems with logic or reality. Not sure why Rafeal's lying to his boss when George is on his side and supports seeing the issue resolved. Sets up a conflict that doesn't exist and makes Rafael look like he's out of control and an idiot, which is not reassuring in a Dom.Or spent the night vomiting due to withdrawal and he's lighting candles in the tub to get it on with Daniel? With wax play? Or dare I say, the rough sex after Daniel was tortured. Then there's the "We shouldn't do this chorus", which got old quick. After the first three times, I was beyond annoyed. Just stop saying it. And I'm with Jesse, keep your dick in your pants for a couple of weeks. The plot is like some slapstick reality TV show, and while some readers enjoy that, it does nothing for me.The last straw was the comparison of McCoy's torture of Daniel and BDSM. And the fact that both Daniel and Raf were idiots about the situation. Growling under his breath when he realized the marks on Daniel looked worse in the morning light, he took in the body covered in bruises that were more barbaric than any he had ever seen as a result of consensual play.That sentence implies that consensual play bruises are barbaric.“I’ll tell him the whole thing was consensual.”The attitude is not only insulting to practitioners of BDSM, but also doing them a disservice by such spewing ignorant statements. The idea that Daniel, an attorney, considered hiding severe assault and battery by saying it was consensual BDSM--no words. I'm speechless. “You look like you lost a bar fight...” he said, then muttered the rest, “To a bad BDSM gang.”Again, NO.Finally, there's a difference between respect or deference and submission. The multiple reiterations how everyone was submissive to King drove me nuts. No. Just no. He's not the alpha of a pack. The story failed me on multiple levels. Daniel was unprofessional and both he and Raf lacked the control one expects from one past their teen years. The impersonal language used throughout really disengaged me from the characters and made them seem less emotionally committed. The sex scenes were not appealing. Most of all, it was awkward to read. Add in the MCs convoluted actions and the clumsy and poor representation of BDSM and I lost interest with the first and became increasingly aggravated with the second. Overall, the impersonalization and insensitivity combined were the death knell for me. Favorite quote for demonstrating the lunacy:“Because he needs it, and he wants to be trained. Now that he’s been exposed, he will crave it.”~~A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~~~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews~~~

  • Bobbiv
    2019-06-19 07:15

    #LegallyBound by J. R. Gray(Currently available on Amazon for Kindle download)Reader review by Bobbi ViciousThis is a m/m BDSM themed, erotic romance. It could also be called, a romantic drama, comedy, suspense. This is definitely written by someone who knows and respects the world of BDSM. The plot is fantastic, gripping, and, at times, deliciously frustrating, and thrilling. I think what I love most, is that the writer doesn't waste time setting scenes. Each scene is described briefly, but with enough description, that it paints a clear picture. I know I, as a reader, get bored pretty quickly, when a writer spends half a chapter, building a scene, and two pages of character interaction.Luckily, that doesn't happen here. The characters come alive, with true to life expressions, reactions, and conversations with each other. These are people you instantly feel you know, or want to! I found myself laughing, gasping, crying out in despair and frustration, but most of all, hoping for a happy ending for characters I quickly came to love. Well done! Would love to see this in print, and am fervently praying for, at least, a sequel! (If not a series) Hint: Jesse's book, please!

  • Sally Johnson
    2019-05-22 06:57

    Meet Daniel Caplin, then meet his partner Jesse. Business partners by day, best friends twenty four seven. The chemistry between these two radiates off the pages, locality, patience and perseverance just as best friends should be. Then, in walks the complication, or what I interpreted as the bad boy. Rafael 'may' be just that, but the twists he brings to the story are without a doubt the making of him. The balance of M/M and storyline is played out brilliantly. The criminal justice system is described enough to fully understand and follow, but not enough to overpower you. Just as you think there can't be another twist, bang it hits you. The relationships between the characters are strong and you feel it with them every step of the way, lust, love, desire and hatred. This book has it all, the swoon man, the bad boy, the sensible guy and the one who sends a shiver down your spine ... Not in a bad way! I had been eagerly awaiting the release of this book and after reading I'm left hanging, wanting more. My eyes are peeled in anticipation of the next instalment.

  • Butch O'Neal
    2019-05-27 07:05

    I loved this book! I was excited to see the author get published and was not disappointed as can sometimes happen. It is easy to become attached to the characters, especially Jesse. He's my boy. I quickly identified with him and enjoyed his snarky attitude. Of them all I would say that the King was the most interesting simply because he has an aura of mystery around him that I would love to see delved into in the next book. Daniel and Rafael seemed like a perfect match for each other. Possibly too perfect but their pigheadedness kept them clashing which is always what I like to see. My twisted head also likes to see a bit more emotional torture to run with the physical. All in all, it is a great read that kept me turning the pages.

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2019-05-26 03:00

    Mixing business with pleasure usually results in a bad ending. In LEGALLY BOUND, it's not the ending in question. It's the journey to the ending which is fraught with nearly insurmountable obstacles.Daniel is a public defender who enjoys one-night stands. His last one night stand rocks him and as he's thinking about the sexy lover, Daniel is surprised to see him again, under arrest. Rafael is a professional dominant. Hooking up with Daniel is purely for his own pleasure, not for pay. So when he's picked up for solicitation again, Rafael is in trouble. Apparently he hasn't heard of the three strikes and you're out concept.This story is all sorts of messed up. It is a mishmash of kinky erotica, stalker scorned and pseudo-lawyer theme. The part which is enjoyable is the kinky erotica. The BDSM in this story is mixed from an m/m smexy point of view. It isn't that kinky. The one main BDSM scene is a horrendous perversion of the lifestyle. It gives BDSM a hostile vibe which may not go down well with kinky readers. It's not that it's dark which is the issue. In fact, the torture in itself isn't so bad if this story's theme is supposed to be dark and non-con. This story is a contemporary romance between two men on opposite sides of the law. While the main characters are not practicing non-con BDSM, the rape scene makes little sense. It's added in almost for shock value.The main characters in this story are issues for me. Both Daniel and Rafael are too stupid to live (TSTL). They keep committing acts which are beyond foolish. It's one thing if these two are horny adolescences who don't know any better, but both of these men are old enough to control themselves. Both lack impulse control which just boggles my mind. Rafael is a dominant for pay and he can't control himself. This doesn't jive with his profession and it's just dangerous. Can this happen in real life? Yes. But then this would indicate the dominant is not someone to scene with because he can't be trusted.This is what it comes down to--Rafael as a character can't be trusted. He makes so many bad choices it's frustrating. At every point, his decision will make readers rail and throw their hands up in frustration. He thinks he can take care of everything himself. He can't. He's a moron. Daniel is dragged down with Rafael. This entire book is filled with annoying situations broken up by lust filled buggery.The only characters which make this book readable are George and Jesse. Forget about Daniel and Rafael, let's learn more about George! He's supposed to be quite the dominant and he does have many connections. In fact, it's his connections that magically resolves all of Rafael's issue. The way the conflicts are removed feels too far-fetched. The ending is too pat. If George came into the picture more with his influence, the ending would have been easier to swallow. Jesse meeting up with George earlier would have also helped. The chemistry between Jesse and George is more potent than Daniel and Rafael. This is because it comes across as more sexually charged seduction while Daniel and Rafael are hormonal teenagers humping each other's leg. Perhaps the next book featuring Jesse and George will flow better and be filled with erotic goodness.

  • Nic *The Wandering Bookaholic* Spears
    2019-06-03 09:07

    J.R. Gray really has produced an amazing story with 'Legally Bound'. Right from the first page he pulls you in, keeps you in his grasp and turning the pages right until you get to the very end. Even then your left wanting more. Daniel and Jesse are two peas in a pod. Both lawyers, business partners and best friends. They're action in the courtroom is brilliant, inspiring and they're friendship even more. They know each other inside out. The conversations they have are hilarious and their chemistry just jumps out of the pages. After a one night stand, the last thing Daniel expected when walking in to the courtroom was to see his as one of his clients. What starts as a simple case, quickly turns in to sooo much more. Raf brought out a side of Daniel that he never knew existed. The pull he felt towards the Dom was all-consuming. He liked to be dominated and wanted to please Rafael in any way he could. Rafael is a bit of a mystery, and quite stand offish to begin with. But as the story progresses and you learn more and more about him, you come to understand him and see a different side to him. A side no-one has seen before and it's all because of Daniel. Daniel was a breath of fresh air for Rafael, his immediate submission enticed him and feelings stirred within him that he had never felt before. Feelings both him and Rafael wanted to explore, even though they both knew they shouldn't.With a case getting more and more complex and a jealous, dirty cop with a grudge who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, will Daniel and Jesse unravel the truth and prove Rafael's innocence? Or will the evidence mounting up be used to their disadvantage?I really did love this story. It flowed smoothly and kept me intrigued to see how it was all going to play out. I had my fingers crossed for Daniel and Raf to be able to explore their feelings and was rooting for Jesse and Daniel to prove his innocence.The secondary characters played just as an important part as the main characters. Jesse is just hilarious, and I can't wait for more of him. I have my own little inkling about him, and want to see if it's true and what comes to light.George aka The King...Now he is a unique character. He's a very well-respected and admired man. Intimidating but loyal and I came to like him more and more as the book progressed. He's another character I can't wait for more of. I am now eagerly waiting (impatiently) for the next instalment and can't wait for what else this incredibly talented author gives us in the future.Favourite quote--- "I understand you're a single man needing to stick it in every hole, but come on. Can you leave the defendant alone?" ~~Jesse

  • C
    2019-05-25 02:55

    I have been very excited for this author's book to come out and I was not disappointed. The author's writing style is easy to read and the flow is smooth. The characters are real, easy to love or hate. Some are complicated yet throughout the book you gain a glimpse into their past to help you understand their rough exterior. Scenes were detailed and explained never leaving me to guess what was going on.The two lawyers, Daniel and Jesse are a perfect pair, the kind of partners you wished you worked with. They know each other so well and their little arguments are funny. My emotions ran the gamut with Daniel though as the book progressed. At one point I was almost in tears for him. Did it have to be so bad?Rafael was one character I came to respect the more I read about him. The build up into the character was well done with little details given at a time, he needed to be taken in slowly to appreciate him. I was pleased with how his character progressed. George... the King, was awesome. I can picture him perfectly. Great character and again, learned to like him more than I did as he softened a bit (don't tell him I said he was soft) towards the end. Respectful with a human side to him. Does the epilogue give us a glimpse to book two I hope?I was overall, very impressed with this book and look forward to more writing from this author. JR, I hope you started on book 2 already. Already excited for the next one!

  • Vicki
    2019-06-01 04:13

    Please say there's going to be a sequel? I loved this. It was tough, gritty & told about a world I know little to nothing about but you could get lost there. The characters were so well written, I really cared about Daniel & Raf. Jesse had me from the word one & I need to know what happens to them in the future. I'm so proud that the author's a friend & I knew they were talented but hell, above & beyond.

  • Yoyo
    2019-05-22 04:16

    This was an enjoyable quick read that left me wanting more. I liked the character development and the interjection of unexpected humor. Not only did I find myself really hoping things would work out for Daniel and Raphael but I also wanted to know more about other characters like Jesse and George. I would have loved a little more on the actual training but perhaps there is more to come? Overall this was a solid debut and I am looking forward to reading more of this author's work.

  • Julie
    2019-06-19 08:02

    I have been waiting for this book and I can say it did not disappoint!! The characters are very relatable. Absolutely loved it. Thank you for sharing your book with us!

  • Caroline Brand
    2019-06-13 09:06

    REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE3.5 StarsThe first relationship you come across in this book is Daniel and Jesse. They have the kind of friendship that a lot of people yearn for. They are comfortable with each other and have a chemistry between them that comes from knowing each other so well....that being said Jesse is hiding a secret that Daniel is completely blind to initially and deserves his own story.Daniel is one of the best public defenders there is. After a one night stand which involved some damn good sex he is stunned to find his latest hook up in the dock the following morning on a charge of prostitution. Not only was Daniel very attracted to the man but he can’t believe he fell for a hooker.The story isn’t complicated but it is fast paced and maintains your interest. There are all sorts of juicy twists including a very ‘dirty’ cop with a sadistic obsession. Rafael is the bad boy who has had a hard life and is trying to keep himself on the right side of the law. Daniel is drawn to his dominant tendencies but has to try and resolve within himself that he is having a relationship not only with a client but a criminal. Regardless of how hard he tries to stay away he keeps getting pulled back which is not only dangerous for his career but is affecting his relationship with Jesse.Rafael is a pay for hire Dom who isn’t interested in a relationship. Daniels immediate and complete submission to the man has him intrigued and despite all the problems in his life he finds he can’t walk away from the man. I found the more I got to know about Rafael the more I liked and understood him, he is quite a cold character to begin with.There were a couple of niggles for me. The story would have benefited from a final proof read/edit as there were a few mistakes that whilst they didn’t detract from the story they were distracting. The other maybe personal to me as a reader but it was the different words used for a character in particular Rafael. ‘The male’ or ‘the dominant’ were used a lot. In some cases where ‘the male’ was used instead of a name I found it difficult to follow who I was actually reading about and felt it interrupted the flow of the story.There were some excellent secondary characters and without a doubt I think we will be seeing more of George otherwise known as The King. He is the top dog of Doms very well respected and extremely fierce. He has a natural dominance and adds a lot to the story. I look forward to Book 2 in the series and very much hope we see George and Jesse.

  • Sarah
    2019-06-03 01:50

    I admit, I’d never read a story featuring BDSM before, and this was also my first M/M too, but knowing the style of the author’s writing, I was “brave” enough to dive in and not worry about feeling lost. I needn’t have worried, the questions I had as a reader were answered via the characters and their interaction, which I felt was a nice was to help keep up with the information given.I really enjoyed the pacing of the story, it was fast moving but consistent. It didn’t feel like things were rushed or skimmed over, but on the reverse, it didn’t drag anywhere either. The scenes were described enough that I felt I could “see it” but it was never the focal point, and didn’t take from the interaction of the characters.I felt like I could easy take to the characters, and the growth in them with each new “snippet” of information about them felt natural. The growth didn’t take away from how they were introduced to us. Daniel realising that there was more to his feelings on their first encounter, and opening up to what that meant wasn’t white washed over. He didn’t suddenly turn into a sub after a night with Rafael. Rafael didn’t switch miraculously from the bad guy to the hero role as often happens in other erotic novels I’ve read.The side characters fitted in perfectly for me too, and there weren’t so many mentioned that you had to go back and remember who was who. Jesse acting how he did after Daniel made and acted on a rash decision, showed that this friendship was more than the teasing and ribbing, and went as deep as passing comments had hinted at. Like in real friendships, then knew a lot about each other, and yet as a reader, you see they also know so little about who each other really was, and the stranger in the trio picked up on things as an outsider.I found myself unable to put this book down, and yet felt apprehensive and excited with each chapter. The twists were unexpected, not obvious until they hit and not over the top. I didn’t feel lost in the plot as it developed, and found it easy to follow. I was genuinely gutted to reach the end, I didn’t want to say goodbye to these characters. I hope there is a sequel… soon please.

  • Vishous
    2019-05-27 02:56

    I write for fun and I read a fuck load of books. Not that either makes me an expert on reviewing. I comment only on what has an effect on me. This one was right up my alley and I enjoyed it as a whole. When an author manages to get in my head and I can see a scene play out then I know this is a read for me. Dan was finally connecting to something and someone, Raf was his counterpart and together it all sunk into place. Another thing I write is BDSM scenes and I must say that reading the Authors sessions had me getting off. The wax mixed with the bath was definitely boner worthy. Everyone has their own view on this lifestyle and what is abundantly clear to me is there is your way and everyone else's way. One thing I saw in this book is a mixture of things that easily make the blood in my veins surge and other things that I, myself will be playing with. (Winks) Thanks for the mindfuck, its greatly appreciated. Jesse was an epic character, his humor and the easy flow between him and Dan was a major thing for me. The loyalty between them was how true friends should be. The King, now there is a male that I can sink my teeth in. Attitude, personality and mystery, along with a commanding respect that was easy to fall into all wreaked from George's pores. I'll be looking forward to the next book and in the mean time playing around with that wax bit.

  • Jheri
    2019-06-14 04:17

    When I stumbled upon this book, I was a hesitant reader for many reasons. I rarely read BDSM novels, erotica doesn't really have a large space on my bookshelves and the whole M/M thing was a bit iffy with me... but despite it all, I gave it a shot, and I am beyond glad that I did. While a lot of things that Daniel did come off as crazy and idiotic, it's easy to understand his reasoning. He feels something for Raf, something he's not felt since college, and he's going to do whatever it takes to keep from losing it. And the same goes for Raf. Yeah, he has his habits, but to him, he, too, has his reasons. Those things alone make it so much easier to relate to the characters. Even Jesse, who feels trapped in a world he created, is in the very position I've been in before. I loved this book, and hope that Gray continues on with the story, following Jesse's tale if nothing else.

  • Reflection
    2019-06-13 03:50

    Quite frankly I didn't know how to rate this, Legally Bound is curious, I quite enjoyed the story of public defender Daniel and his pick up Rafael whom he chooses to defend despite a clear conflict of interest. In many ways this book was oddly quirky and I found myself loathing and liking it in equal measure.I 'quite' liked each of the main characters and their best friends Jesse and George, however I never really engaged with any of them. It was more like eavesdropping on an interesting conversation than ever being particularly invested in the outcome.For me there was a great deal of suspended disbelief (and this is a contemporary novel not fantasy), for instance do public defenders always work in pairs, so much so that they are virtually joined at the hip, surely that is a huge waste of public money? Plus I am really not keen on the suggestion that because Jesse has great taste in clothes this is a clue to unresolved sexuality. Neither am I in anyway convinced that Daniel would go from being a vanilla top to desperate to become Rafael's trained sub.I freely admit to reading BDSM themed books for voyeuristic pleasure and whatever knowledge I have has been garnered only from reading and never from direct experience, but I found Legally Bound unconvincing and at times disconcerting. A character who claims to always support safe and consensual play admits to having an addiction to pills whilst working as a paid Dominant. Surely that goes way beyond unethical?Perhaps the writing style created the dissonance for me. In particular references to main characters Daniel and Rafael as “the lawyer" (2 times) "the male” (34 times) or "the man" (174 times) which was unexpectedly disconcerting. I was particularly irked by the use of pejorative descriptions of other characters, like "the bastard" (5 times) call me picky, but I prefer to draw my own conclusions about a character based on behaviour and dialogue.I was also pulled out of reading by jarring transitions between characters that had me rereading to double check who was speaking or whose POV was shown. This was not helped by sometimes choppy sentence structure and the book could have done with a good edit for typos. That may also have helped with plot development.In a spectacularly stupid move, Daniel goes to confront a suspect and to warn him off his boyfriend....don't get me started on what happens next (not even close to plausible).And finally the story neatly wraps up because anyone who is anyone knows George AKA "King" and is willing to do him favours for the sake of "the community". Ahem, I'm not really buying it.....and yet I went on to buy book two, okay so this is a guilty pleasure. It is by no means perfect, but it is fun and I was curious.

  • AlwaysBelieve
    2019-05-23 06:02

    I don't want to give anything away - you need to read yourself. But this is a great book. There is a little bit of something for everyone - humor, suspense, drama, and sex - which makes it a good read for me. The characters are enjoyable - sometimes at ease, joking - and other times more serious as situations warrant. The characters develop naturally throughout the story and are not forced into a role. There are characters to love and ones to hate and the dynamics work perfectly. There was no reaching. Everything flowed nicely. I recommend you take the time to read this one.

  • liligator1
    2019-06-10 02:14

    Funny and hot!

  • Mandie Foxylutely
    2019-05-26 09:13

    *Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewA great debut by JR Gray and although BDSM themed books are not regular on my reading shelf I was intrigue by the blurb. I’m glad to say I was not disappointed.Daniel is shocked to see the face of Rafael the day after their one night stand, mostly because he, as a public defender, has been assigned Rafael’s case to defend. The crime? Soliciting. Daniel cannot believe that he had hooked up with a hooker! However he also cannot fight his attraction to the dominant man and wants more. After sharing this with his best friend and work partner, Jesse, things just spin out of control for both Daniel and Rafael, especially when it is divulged that a dirty cop is part of the reasons for the frequent arrest that Rafael has been subjected to over the last six months.First off I loved the camaraderie of Daniel and Jesse, what a great friendship they have. Jesse just cracked me up with some of his ‘tongue in cheek’ wisdom he gives out and the way he got Daniel to ‘fess up to his sexual escapades was priceless.Rafael was a hard one to understand at first, his cool demeanour just made me feel he was a lot older than he was but going from the bio given in the book he was only twenty-three. I would have preferred if he had another five years on that as that is the feel I got of his character and the way he spoke. Then on the other hand the immature reasoning he had for the drugs and betraying George kind of made it understandable he was younger. None the less he was one hot potato I fell for, mind you it is usually the Dom I fall for!Daniel was a sweet and funny guy and easy to love. I liked that as a ‘would be’ sub he also had a hard head when it came to his professional life. His finger was on the pulse and he thought on his feet, well apart from that badly taken decision to visit that cop. I won’t divulge what happens in the storyline but it was an abhorrent scene played out. There was plenty of grit and substance in the story along with some fun and laughter intertwined with the romantic undertone of a BDSM read. It gave plenty of shade and light to the storyline. The secondary characters added to this, especially George aka King who I found totally captivating. That man is so domineering and mysterious I just want to know more about him. Hopefully this will be in the next book, Breach Of Contract, and with more Jesse I am guessing? It will also be interested to find out if the bad cop really did get his comeuppance. An enjoyable four star read.

  • Diverse
    2019-06-07 02:07

    It's always refreshing to read a BDSM story where the writer is well educated in the craft, whether it be personally or researched. This story, while BDSM, was so much more than that. GREAT characters. The development was flawless as well. Raf and Daniel were fabulous to watch. I love seeing distrust morph into trust. I love when a down man rises up through the strength of those around him. Jesse, Daniel's partner and BFF, was OUTSTANDING! OMG I love him! He had me laughing so hard my sides hurt and he only became better once George and him came face to face! I hope we see more of these 2 in the next book! *PLEASE* Writing an ensemble isn't easy, I've said that 100 times, but I've never read a book where the ensemble grows effortlessly through the story to the point I can't decide who I want to read more. All the characters are lovely... except the bad guy eeew we don't like him!

  • Serena Yates
    2019-06-03 07:05

    Unfortunately, this book was not for me. I DNF at around 25%, and therefore gave no rating.The style annoyed me (very impersonal, with almost no names and pronouns), and the characters even more so. Daniel is a public defender, but he seems to have no morals (carrying on a relationship with the man he defends despite his partner telling him to stop seeing him). Rafael is addicted to drugs and still does scenes with subs - which is so irresponsible I don't even know what to say. I couldn't see myself liking either character, and I definitely didn't enjoy the storyline. It just wasn't for me.NOTE: This book was provided by Evernight Publishing for the purpose of a review.

  • Johanna
    2019-06-04 04:13

    As the title implies, this is a story with BDSM. I was prepared for the usual shtick. This story had me laughing and cringing and pissed and happy. I really got into the story and that's saying something because a lot of this stuff has kind of run its course for me. It was refreshing to be drawn into an underground world of kink with surprises. I found myself wondering how in the hell they were gonna get out of a dilemma and laughing out loud at the banter at the same time. This was super fun to read. 5 stars.

  • Maria York
    2019-06-12 02:01

    Hotness at its best! Daniel is the best court appointed attorneys in the state and his best friend his his partner! Daniels gay but his partner, Jesse is straight! When they walk into court on a Monday morning Daniel comes face to face with the man he had an amazing night with! Strings are crossed, two sexy men and one hell of a ride to go! Great read!

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-25 07:05

    The author has an annoying habit of using terms such as "the attorney" and "the Dominant" to describe the characters rather than using their names or pronouns. This left me as "the disgruntled reader", because I kept noticing this habit.

  • Katerina
    2019-06-15 08:13

    The spark has not ignited. When supporting characters are more interesting than the main characters ... then green eyes, black hair and tattoos are no help.The second part of this series seems more exciting. I don't want to prejudge. Worth a try.

  • Ang~Dirty Laundry Review
    2019-06-08 00:56

    This book was great! I need more! Full review to follow.

  • meep
    2019-06-15 07:12

    would have been a 4.5 if the ending was not horribly cut off. i understand cliff hangers but this was just BAM over

  • Michael Joseph
    2019-05-30 03:08

    You can read my full review of Legally Bound at my web site.