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Sophie Jean is pretty good at acting normal. She can pretend she’s not allergic to the sun. She can hide what her ex-boyfriend did to her. She can cover up the scars she’s made for herself. Ignore anything. Forget anything.Then Myles enters her life, and he has more than a few secrets of his own. Sophie discovers that when she's with him she is feeling too much. RememberinSophie Jean is pretty good at acting normal. She can pretend she’s not allergic to the sun. She can hide what her ex-boyfriend did to her. She can cover up the scars she’s made for herself. Ignore anything. Forget anything.Then Myles enters her life, and he has more than a few secrets of his own. Sophie discovers that when she's with him she is feeling too much. Remembering too much.It’s one thing covering up her own dark past, but does she really need to worry about people finding out just how much Myles likes her? Or that despite how much she doesn’t want to repeat past mistakes, she kind of likes him back? Not to mention the fact that she now has to conceal that Myles drinks blood-that he says he’s about four hundred years old.But Sophie can deal with this little glitch, no problem. Even if she’s putting the few people she loves at risk. Suddenly, those who were monsters before are just people, and the monsters? They’re real. Now being a normal human being is the least of her problems. Now she has to stay alive....

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  • Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen
    2019-06-11 03:32

    Wonderful story about teenagers misunderstood. I can see from this book compared to the author's later book "The Donor" how much she has matured in her writing and thought process.I can't wait to continue reading each book and future stories from this author! xo

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    2019-05-20 07:27

    Sunshine is book one in the Sunshine series by Nikki Rae. When I started this book, I thought I was starting a paranormal romance. And even though that’s fine, what I got was so much more. There is a paranormal aspect to this book, especially at the very end, but for me, this book was about Sophie and the life she has been dealt. And the way Myles saved her.Sophie is an 18 year old high school senior. All she wants, all she has ever wanted, is to be normal. But life had other plans for her. Sophie is allergic to the sun. If she goes outside during the day, she has to wear a long coat, hat and sunglasses along with slathering herself with SPF 150. But that isn’t even the worst of it. In her 18 years, she has been betrayed by the people she should have been able to trust the most. Firstly, her mother. Her narcissistic, manipulative, psychotic mother. Her mother keeps sending Sophie to Doctor after Doctor trying to “heal” her. But Sophie’s well being is not really even important to her Mom. Only appearances are. And she makes Sophie’s life miserable. Sophie is a pianist and is really gifted. At age 10, all she ever wanted was to have piano lessons, but her piano teacher hurts her in the worst of ways. Then, at age 15, her boyfriend Jack does the unthinkable. So she locks all this pain inside, releasing it the only way she can find. There are some wonderful people in her life as well, though. Her brother Jade and his boyfriend, Stevie are the cutest couple ever. Her two best friends, Boo and Trei. And then there is Myles. He is new at school. She doesn’t want to like him. She doesn’t want him to like her. But his quiet patience and persistence wear her down.“I am not a normal girl. I don’t deserve to feel this way. I know it can only end badly. And Myles is a nice guy. I don’t want to screw him up too.”But, Myles has secrets of his own. He is a 400 year old vampire. My one real complaint with this book is that we don’t really get much of Myles’s story. I want to know how he was turned. And more about his world. Its amazing how Sophie accepts this, though. With all the madness in her life, she feels like this is the least of her problems. And there is also Myles's dog, Malakhi. I loved the relationship between Myles and Malakhi and how he was able to use Malakhi to check on Sophie once in awhile.Of course, if there is a vampire in your life, there is bound to be danger, which there is. This mostly manifests toward the latter part of the book with some heart pounding moments. I really did enjoy this book. I loved how Myles slowly breaks down Sophie’s walls and she opens her heart. I can’t wait to continue on with their story in book two.“Being normal isn’t so important when love is involved”

  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    2019-06-11 07:09

    Quick review:Cover: Interesting Rating: R Thumbs Up:4.5Overall: What a book that caught me off guardCharacters: Well donePlot: Things from your past might catch up to your futurePage Turner: Yes Series Cont.? Yes Recommend:YesBook Boyfriend: MylesSUMMARY (60 words or less)This book took me by surprise. I usually go in thinking every book is average. So every book starts out on the same footing. But I was greatly surprised. This book was far better than average. It’s unique, the characters aren’t cookie cutter. Just great and a must read.For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at:

  • Ryan
    2019-06-01 06:14

    I don't normally write reviews for books on here---I'd much rather give my rating and let the books speak for themselves. However, seeing as I just finished proofreading/editing this one for the re-release coming up, I might as well add my thoughts on the novel.There's one reason I offered to edit Sunshine, and one reason alone. No, it's not because I'm an egotistical maniac when it comes to grammar and spelling (I am), and no, it's not because author Nikki Rae is one of my best friends (she's way cooler than you can ever imagine---even way cooler than she seems to be online). It's solely because this is an amazing book. Nikki Rae is an amazing writer.Years and years ago, when I first met Nikki Rae, after she had started writing this novel, I knew it was going to be something special. Sunshine is so much more than I had ever imagined it was going to be. The characters are complete and real; they have human flaws, traits that round them out, dialogue that you hear somewhere in the recesses of your mind, like you're listening to tapes of conversations instead of reading them off of a page. The plot is rich and original: it takes cliches and makes them new again. Sure, Nikki Rae plays with vampires, but these are fresh ones, ones that do more than just sparkle or suck blood. They've evolved into creatures which exist because of Nikki Rae.Sunshine is a Young Adult novel. But it's atypical. It deals with mature themes, it deals with inner turmoil not normally found in YA books, it deals with some of the darkest things found in humanity. And it's funny! Seriously, I offered to edit this book because Nikki Rae is one of very few authors that stir up feelings of jealousy inside of me. I wish I had written this book. I wish I had created the character evolution of Sophie, the cuteness of Leena, the shy heroism of Myles. For all of the shadowy, for all of the evil that Nikki Rae writes about in Sunshine, she also illuminates everything with hope. It's not often that a book is found with so much in it, but Nikki Rae has achieved so much with Sunshine. I could not be more proud of her. And hell, I'm sure I'll continue to be. Because this is one of those rare novels where it is no longer the author's, but everyone's.

  • Samantha
    2019-06-12 05:18

    Sunshine tells the story of a girl who isn't your typical teenager. To begin with, she's allergic to the sun, not exactly a normal allergy. She also has a very haunted past that nearly moved me to tears; it was so realistic. She meets a guy named Myles, and they slowly become friends, but but have some...issues the other doesn't know about.It took me a few chapters to get warmed up to this book. At first, I didn't like Sunshine much (Sunshine is the main character's nickname). I thought she had an iceberg on her shoulder that really needed to come off. But as the story progressed, my eyes were really opened to her. I was shocked at the real depth of her character, as well as the characters around her. Certain parts of the book did vaguely, but only vaguely, remind me of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight, but Sunshine is nothing like Bella and Myles is nothing like Edward. While this book does have a great paranormal element, the refreshing and special part of this book was its concentration on real life and real issues. The character development was phenomenal. While I was unsure of Sunshine at first, she had me wanting to be one of friends by the end.The pacing of this book isn't bad. It's not slow in the beginning, but it definitely does keep a steady growing pace throughout the story. There are some nice action scenes, mysteries to keep you on your toes, and a sweet romance that all make me want to read more of these characters.I would recommend this to readers who like a YA story with paranormal elements and a solid plot with depth.

  • Carissa
    2019-06-08 00:32

    The characters were wonderfully fun and full of life, well built and continued to develop as the story progressed. I really didn't seen to get the constant apologizing by Myles to Sophie. Many times I kept thinking this is a version of Twilight, with a twist. So, I had many WTF!! moments (husband laughing an all).Slow start, however, something in the story, kept me drawn to finishing it. It's not a story that has you riveted and totally engrossed till the end. However, certain elements keeps the reader trying to figure out, if what they thought will happen, actually happens in the story. The ending was good and I thought it ended well and became a great prelude for book 2. It's a very predictable read and yet makes you want to continue on to book 2.This is not a book with a strong hunky vampire male. It's about two broken persons fighting to be accepted.

  • Jessica's Book Review
    2019-05-25 07:31

    Read more reviews on my blog | Like me on FacebookSunshine is a very dark, but sweet paranormal romance novel about 18 year-old Sophie (also known as Sunshine) who tries to act like life is okay when really it’s not okay… Sophie has a very complex life. She doesn’t know who her father is, her mother is psycho, she is known as the “school freak” with an arch nemesis who is now dating her ex-boyfriend, the ex-boyfriend who did something unspeakable of to Sophie she just can’t get past it. Just as things down spiral for Sophie in enters Myles. Myles has a secret of his own but the two just connect and become friends. Myles is there for Sophie as life gets tough and soon feelings develop between the two. Myles reveals his own secret to Sophie, he is a 400 plus year-old Vampire, the good kind of course!As I started reading Sunshine by Nikki Rae I immediately noticed what a wonderful and unique character Sophie was. She is like no other character I have read before in a book. She is dark and mysterious but full of pain and sadness. I felt so sorry for her and kept hoping something wonderful would happen to her and she would finally smile and be happy. I really liked her a lot and wanted her witch of a mother and jerk of an ex-boyfriend to get punished for how they treated her. Myles is also a great character; he is simply a good guy who wants to help Sophie and make her smile. They just click together. Though he is a vampire and it is a paranormal novel, it was only discussed briefly (mostly in the end) about Myles being a Vampire and the paranormal aspect of the book. I have a feeling the vampire storyline will play a bigger role in the next book in the Sunshine series. I was more consumed with their friendship turn romance and how adorable it was and how happy I was for Sophie to have someone who really likes her for her and not think she is a freak.I really enjoyed Nikki Rae’s writing style and all the dialogue she used in her book. I did not feel like any scenes were missed or skipped over. At the end I felt like I truly understood all their characters and was deeply involved in their storylines. From, Sophie’s brother and his boyfriend, to her two best friends Boo and Trie I enjoyed them all. I loved that each chapter started with a line from a song or movie. It was cute and a unique touch. I recommend this book to any readers looking for a fun, innocent YA/NA paranormal romance novel with a unique storyline that is not cliché. I am so happy to have read a vampire book that was not like Twilight (I am so over that!) Sunshine is a wonderful book and I am looking forward to continuing with the series.I give Sunshine 4 Stars.

  • Tee loves Kyle Jacobson
    2019-06-02 08:09

    Sunshine is one of those books that takes you by surprise. First I have to say that I love the cover. The cover and the blurb grabbed me right from the beginning and I knew I had to read it. As most of you know I love me some Vampire books. I just love how each author puts a different spin on it and Nikki does a great job telling this Vampire story.The main character Sophie is a beautiful smart girl who is given a crap life. Her mother is a piss poor mother who is selfish and does not take care of Sophie. She has an older brother who looks out for her and keeps her safe from people. Sophie also has one problem she is allergic to the sun. Lord what a nightmare! She is treated like a leper by her mother. Her mother thinks that the doctors can help her but Sophie is not trying which is not true so her brother protects her from her crazy as hell mother.Then the new boy comes to school and Sophie's two best friends encourage her to talk to him. Myles the new boy talks to Sophie but she is weary of people so she does not talk to many people except her best friends. At first Sophie is leery of Myles because she has had a rough life and a rough go with boys. Her ex-boyfriend is a tool so she does not allow herself to get to close to boys. But there is something about Myles and he wears her down and she lets him into her life. One thing they both have in common are secrets and when Sophie finds out what Myles secret is she finds out she is a target because Myles is a vampire and the head Vampire does not like the fact that Myles is with Sophie.What are these two going to do once the dust settles? Can they be together? Will the head vampire kill Myles? This is such a must read book. Plus at the beginning of every chapter Nikki puts a song to go with the chapter and I have to say that Nikki girl you have great taste in music! Go on out and read this book!

  • Jamie
    2019-06-16 06:28

    4.0 Stars Ok, let’s get to the long and short of it.The Good: Likeable characters, entertaining plot, engaging relationships, well written prose. I enjoyed reading this book and I finished it fairly quickly because I kept wanting to read more. While the content got very intense at times, I still wanted to read on. Also, I think this author is my musical soul mate… I really enjoyed the references. Finally, I felt that the author made her characters feel very real. I kept creating back stories for them in my head while reading, something I usually only do when I feel like the characters are real enough to have a history. So well done! :)The Bad: Some real editing work needs to be done. Not necessarily to the actual story but more to the details. For example, where exactly is Sophie’s apartment? Yes it is somewhere in Jade’s house, but half of the time it seems to be in the basement and half the time it seems to be in the attic. There was also a few times where it seemed like the characters jumped locations. One minute they are at school, and then they are by her car. My final complaint is that I felt as though if you are going to have your main character be allergic to the sun (a detail I thought helped make the character seem very interesting) you may want to make it more realistic and fundamental to her everyday life. While there were times that I felt this was well developed, there were also times that I felt her life was just too normal. She was in and out of the house at all times of the day, going to school/work/play… I get that she has the trench and sunglasses but for some reason I just didn’t buy into the fact that that was enough. I feel like she should have been more aware and cautious of this issue. Luckily, there was no Ugly! Truly, I enjoyed Sunshine and cannot wait to read more of Sophie and Myles’ story!

  • Janelle Stalder
    2019-06-17 01:14

    Nikki Rae has gone and breathed life into the vampire world. We've all read books about vampires and humans, but Nikki has taken that formula and shaken it up. I love her characters and their growth throughout the novel. And most of all, I love Myles lol who couldn't after reading this? He is the sweetest vampire alive...or know what I mean. Loved it!

  • Sarah Oxford
    2019-06-09 03:05

    *This book was provided to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review*I really really (really) loved this book! I wanted so much to give it 5 stars and I hope very much to be able to give book 2 that honour. I'll go into the missing star later, first, why I loved it.This book has such an interesting atmosphere. It is not your typical ya/na book with relatively 'normal' characters with conventional tastes, lifestyle etc. Sunshine is about a group of pretty alternative people and it makes it so much fun to read about them. I think maybe because they sound like people I knew at 16/17/18 so I relate to them. It's great to be reading about characters with Magenta hair and tattoos and band t-shirts, who have lots of fun and create music together. I think also I particularly found the suffering that Sophie went through very realistically portrayed. The author went into a great amount of detail and took a long time to explore Sophies mental state. It was a fantastic example of demonstration, of show rather than tell. The way the book was written meant I felt her physical pain, I felt when she was anxious, when she felt sick, her nerves when people touched her, her love/anguish with her mother. I felt it all. Sophie is such a unique, delicate, beautiful, troubled individual. Her voice was authentic, which made it even more heart breaking.I was also pretty impressed with the general cast of characters. They weren't at all 2 dimensional, each had individual characteristics and we learned about them in the right way through witnessing interactions rather than that boring thing that authors sometimes do of just having the main character 'tell us' what they think of their friends/relatives.As for the plot and pacing in the book I can see where a few people have criticised the twilight similarities. I get what they're saying. However, any similarity is merely on the surface. If you get down to the essentials of what happens in this book it is mostly about a very broken girl who has had a lot happen to her and a lot to deal with. It's about her finding a healthy way to cope and about her learning to trust and to love. That's not what's twilight is about. So there are vampires in it. Well that is actually kind of weird I have to admit. It almost doesn't seem necessary as the story is so powerful without it. On the other hand, I love pnr so I'm game for a good vampire tale. I do wish however that the plot isn't spelled out so much in the blurb. Having the truthes reveal themselves naturally would have had real impact I think. The pace was kind of slow but anything else would have undermined the seriousness of the mental health issues involved.Because this is a pnr I feel I must talk about the world building. I didn't miss it much because I was so involved and invested in Sophie's growth and the romance, but when we got stuck into the action it did start to play on my mind that I didn't really understand who/what the vampires in this world were. I'll forgive it because it sits right with the fact that Sophie isn't quite part of the world yet. I am pretty intrigued about where the story is going, I feel that Sophie isn't all she seems to be. There are some threads in this story that have my brain churning, I'll be reading book 2 no doubt.Now, the romance. It was so brave and entirely appropriate that the author took her time with this. I have read a lot of books where the main character has experienced similar things to Sophie but never have I read a more authentic account of the effects on mental health. Sophie could barely allow herself to think about moving on, she had very unhealthy coping mechanisms, and she had intense physical reactions to invasion of personal space. So the romance was suitably slow and painful and careful. It was kind of beautiful to see it evolve. Myles was a complete sweetheart. I need to know him lot better to love him as there is too much hidden and at arms length at the moment, but he treats her so delicately and with such love it is just beautiful. Oh god did I cry! (view spoiler)[When she said she loved him, oh that really got me, I'm getting emotional just thinking about it (hide spoiler)]The writing style and quality is rather exceptional I have to say. This is because what it did was create Sophie, create the atmosphere. It was her voice so every word told us something about who she is. I loved the wit, the honesty, the blasé and sarcastic attitude she spoke/thought with. The streams of consciousness were insightful but not over lengthy, letting action and interactions drive the story. There a few little things that together brought me to come down to 4 stars though and partly it was the quality of the product. I had a review copy so I don't mean grammar etc as you I appreciate that I didn't read the final edit. But there were a few times where I felt there were abrupt endings or changes in scenes that completely threw me. I would stop and have to reread to process the change. I just had the sense that the author needs to work on flow of prose a little more, that an editor would be beneficial in sharpening up a few scenes/sections and really making this shine as much as it deserves to.I do believe this author and this series has a future! It was this, some world building gaps and not being yet in love with Myles that brought me down a star. But you know, it's a strange thing, but there are some 4* books that I actually like more than 5* books. I wanted this to be 5 stars, I did love it, the atmosphere particularly.

  • Kasey
    2019-06-09 03:13

    Where do I start this review? I loved this book, Sophie Jean is like my mini clone from high school. I felt her pain throughout the novel, and while what Sophie went through was different in certain ways, there was a similarity between us that allowed me to identify with her. Sophie shined in this book from the moment those awful eye drops nearly caused her to be blind. She was snarky and sarcastic, and didn’t want to let anyone in, but she ended up gathering her courage and doing it anyway. I thought Sophie was a great big sister, and it’s those moments between Sophie and her siblings that allowed her to shine. It allowed me to see that Sophie wasn’t completely selfish, that she would step outside her pain for those she cared about. Myles was an interesting character, at times I felt that he was a little bland, but as the story progressed he became more intriguing. It was like that he was the ocean, calm on the surface but roiling underneath. Myles had secrets, but I thought it was beautiful that he was willing to share them with Sophie. This book had drama, but it was so well done that there was never a point where I was rolling my eyes at their stupidity. Sophie had every right to act the way she did after what happened with Jack, and the Michael situation was outside of everyone’s control. I did like that the major theme within the story wasn’t supernatural, even though Myles himself was. The side characters made this story shine. Boo and Trei were absolutely fabulous, and Sophie couldn’t have picked better best friends for herself. I loved that they knew when to leave her alone, and when to push her. Jade and Stevie were great brothers, and I adored them from the moment they stepped into the story. Sophie’s mom was a first class witch, but I’m glad to see she started to grow towards the end. I could list all the side characters I loved but it would take too long. Suffice it to say, I loved this book. I wasn’t expecting much from this book, but the writing was so well done I couldn’t help to fall in love. Kudos to the author for making a character unique without causing her to lose her humanity or feel like a caricature. This book gets a solid 5 stars from me, and I can’t wait to start Sun Poisoned.

  • ~Kristi
    2019-05-23 03:06

    Great book, can't wait for Sunshine Series #2 !!!!

  • Becca
    2019-06-06 07:32

    Life got in the way while reading this but I did it!! and This is really a 4.5 star rating. Warning: I got this book in exchange for an honest review, and you know what I do that, honesty baby is the way to go ;)Song Choice: (There are quite a few so bare with me) "Dream of Flying" by Brian Cain, "Heavy in Your Arms" by Florence + the Machine, "Skin" by Zola Jesus, "Funeral Song" by Laura Gibson, "Wash." by Bon Iver, "Beach Baby" by Bon Iver. First thoughts: This was awesome. I really think one of the biggest shining things for me in this book was the writing style. The voice of the character so very strong, it was unique and to be perfectly honest I loved it <3. So awesome - i am working on expanding my vocab list past "awesome" :p so anyways getting over that, if you are a little on the new paranormal scene i think this would be a great starting point, the paranormal isn't overwhelming and to be perfectly honest this was - and not in a bad way at all - border line contemporary fiction, i have a feeling the paranormal is going to make a lot more of an appearance in book two. Okay so overall this was a bit of a heavy read, but i enjoyed it. I really did. Thoughts on Plot: So the overall plot, good really good. I don't read a whole lot of contemporary fiction - and like i mentioned before yeah the paranormal influence wasn't too heavy in this book - at least in 75% of the book. I mean we find out fairly quickly what Myles is - GASP! its in the summary so its not a spoiler :p - anyways. But there is a lot of growing to be done here, this is a story about a very broken girl becoming whole again, learning how to live. I LOVED IT. I think i might actually kiss you Nikki seriously. I respect why most authors tend to try to breeze over certain issues because well we need the plot to move on, but this, this was different and that is why i totally loved it. We took time with Sophie. Anyways the last quarter of this book really got the meaty - actiony parts but i enjoyed our journey to this point. All was awesome, like i mentioned before if you are a newbie to the paranormal world i think this is a good beginner book, if you are a seasoned paranormal reader like me then i think this is a good almost bridge between contem. and paranormal (but don't worry there is paranormal for ya) <3 I really like Nikki's versions of vampires in this book - awesome, awesome (i am working on that vocab list after this review i swear!) and no sparkle vamps here ;)Characters. So yeah i want to cast just two of the characters cause its super late and yeah :pSophie (Sunshine)Myles (without beard) Kay so how do i feel about them? Sophie: I mentioned before some stuff about her, i don't want to go into super details so we are going to call them her demons. And boy does she have some MAJOR demons, it was hard reading from her POV because at times I - god i cannot believe i am about to say this - i sympathized with her, i understood why she was doing some of the things that she was doing, and i don't AT ALL believe in what she does, which i know probably neither does Nikki but it doesn't mean that at some points I couldn't help but be like, okay I get it. I get it. That is how powerful of a character Sophie was for me. She was so strange because even to the readers it was like there was this outer shell she wanted us to see, then at times you could see within the cracks you could see the real her that hid behind all that spunk and sarcastic-ness amazing-ness that is her. She has so much to offer, and like i mentioned before her voice literally JUMPED OFF THE PAGES, wonderful! just omgosh wonderful!!! I LOVED IT I LOVED IT I LOVED ITMyles: Now here is where my rating dropped a bit, and okay before i say anything let me say this: i have a horrible disease its called Alpha Male disease it forces me to want them always...its a problem really. And Myles is a little to laid back, and this is going to sound a lot harsher than i want it too but i don't know how else to say it - he was a bit of a pushover in my opinion. Innn the beginning of the book at the end he seemed really start be growing. Now with all personal attractiveness to Alpha males aside I do need to state, that I don't think Myles could have been super Alpha male. I think he was the character Sophie needed, and that is why I do love him as well. He wasn't written to please us, he was written for Sophie. Does that make sense? Welp there it is. He does start to act like "me man, you woman, you must listen to me"- ness near the end not quite to that extent but a bit and i love when it starts to shine through - seriously i have a problem it can't be helped, much like Christoper Walken's need for cowbell....anyways now that no one understands that SNL reference moving on. I have to HAVE TO SAY THIS: i FUCKING hated (and i try not to use the f-bomb in my reviews sure i will swear but i refrain from that one) Sophie's mother. :| for reals i was going to kill that woman myself. WOW. seriously WOW. ugh, UGH i am just getting mad thinking about her so i letting it go. Jade: i LOVED him, seriously he was such a wonderful brother! I am glad he didn't disappear in the first half of the book like it seems brother's tend to do in books family members in generals. anyways loved him. I loved Trei (Tree) and Boo (as in Peek-a-Boo) - such fun names! - as well, they were good supporting characters <3 The ending i think that it was a good ending, there really wasn't a like OMGOD I AM GOING TO KILL YOU for ending it like that, ending. Which is always nice. And yes i will continue on with the series <3 So to check out other fantastic (see used something else then awesome even though i was tempted) reviews check them out here: http://theviolethourbookreviews.wordp...

  • Shana Festa
    2019-05-26 00:07

    *This review containers some spoilers* Being a teenager is hard enough. Getting through high school and figuring out what your next big step is going be...not exactly easy and most of the time pretty scary. But when your life is an emotional train wreck it doesn't make it any easier. Sophie Jean is 18 and starting her senior year in high school. Her mother, Momzilla (I think it's my new favorite word!), wants to live in her own perfectly crafted world. Unfortunately Sophie creates a ripple in that pretend world where everything must be perfect. Sophie isn't normal... Solar Urticaria - in short she's allergic to the sun. She doesn't leave the house without a trench coat, dark sunglasses and every possible exposed patch of skin slathered in SPF 120. Momzilla wants to "fix" her, but there's no cure. The doctors say she might "grow out of it" but there are no guarantees. Dr. Helmet agrees to take her on as a patient thinking some new experimental treatments might just cure her. She hates them! Each procedure is worse than the last; each ending with the same results, an allergic reaction to whatever drug or treatment he tries. Ok, now I am not going to lie...when this little secret came out I immediately thought of Twilight. And again, I can't lie, I have read all of those and seen the movies and told my husband every little detail of every book and corrected parts out loud during the movies. We have a girl who doesn't fit in, who meets a boy who doesn't fit in and they find each other and find that they fit in with each other perfectly. There are a lot of similarities. But, this story is darker....there are a lot more secrets being kept. Biggest difference for me....Myles doesn't sparkle! But we won't get into that discussion because I might just get lynched if I make the wrong person angry with my opinion on sparkly vampires! So now.... it honestly took me about three chapters to really get into this book. There were some parts where I really just wanted to smack Sophie upside her head and tell her to snap out of it!! I rolled my eyes and said "Oh good grief" on a few occasions too (I have a teenager, who happens to be a senior in high school and truthfully the drama of it all is just too much sometimes! Granted boy drama is different from girl drama...but he does have a girlfriend and she creates her own amount of drama!). But I did get into it. And I did learn to really like the characters. Sophie and Myles are good together (even if they do spend way too much time saying "I'm sorry" to each other...that never stopped being annoying).... Boo and Trei are friends you wished you had.... Jade and Stevie are the brothers you wished you had.... Adam is a great guy who put up with momzilla crap for too long, but he's good to Sophie... Leena is the cutest thing next to newborn kittens...and Laura eventually comes around too and instead of wanting to shove her in a closet I actually like her. While there were points where the story ran a little too close to other vampire stories... it has it's own twist. I like the writing style. There are a lot of questions I was left with (but I went into this book knowing there was a second one so I am hoping to get some answers in that book)... there were some places where I felt like we were just given "information dump". Every bit of information about an event or character that the author could come up with was thrown at us. It overwhelms, but doesn't always answer the right questions. Why doesn't she remember her childhood? Who was her dad and where did he go? Did he die? Run away? Did momzilla chop him up at feed him to the fishes? Why does Michael want her dead? Why can't Myles tell her everything? Yea, so my husband thought I was a little bit crazy (but hey, he's the one who married me and if he hadn't figured out I was slightly crazy after all this time he can't blame me...I am not a master at hiding the crazy!) because I was seriously sitting on the couch asking myself those questions out loud. I can't wait to dig into book two and hopefully get some answers! Overall, I liked this book. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes vampires, young adult, supernatural (I hate to say paranormal, but I guess by definition, vampires are outside the realm of normal or explainable by there ya have it), it's not so much a romance, even though it's there... that's not the main theme. Now here comes the part I hate the most (not about the book, just about the process)...rating. I'd love to give every book I read 5 stars, because truthfully if you take the time to write something and put yourself out there for the whole world to read...well, you deserve 5 gold stars just for being brave! But this is me trying to convince you to read this book and I don't want anyone to come after me if they read it and hate it... I give this book a strong 3.5 stars and that's ONLY because it left me sitting on the couch, rocking back and forth, chanting "Why why why!!" There were just too many questions put in my head and not enough answers for them. There is good, strong character development, great supporting characters and a good story line. Perhaps my questions will be answered in book two. Visit to read the entire review (yes there is MUCH more). Reviewed by Desiree Putaski, member of The Bookie Monster review team.

  • Jocelyn Sanchez
    2019-06-13 06:19

    The first thing that fascinated me was the cover of this book. I admit, I love a pretty cover, and yes this cover is pretty, but it also is so much more. I love the sadness and loneliness shown on the cover models face. The shadows and darkness surrounding her. It reminds me so much of the main character, Sophie Jean, in this book. The piano keys is a nice touch as well. It's as if she's surrounded by darkness, but her piano will always be her safe haven, which it is. Also, the blurb to this book interested when I first started. Didn't sound like a normal 'vampire' book and it isn't. Sophie Jean is an ordinary girl...well, sorta. You see, Sophie has an allergy that rivals all allergies in the world-she's allergic to the sun. That means, no sunbathing, no going to beach on a nice sunny day with friends, and no hanging out outside in shorts during the summer. If she wants to go outside in the sun, she needs a long coat, a hood to cover her head, and a pair of sunglasses that covers her face. Normal teen stuff, right? Despite all of this, Sophie has a good life and amazing friends and family members that support her. Her life seems great, doesn't it? Sophie makes it seem so, on the outside, but on the inside, she is screaming for help and wishing to forget what happened that night her ex-boyfriend attacked her in the bathroom during Prom. The scars on her body show the battle she went through and how much pain she was, and is still, in. She tries to hide the scars, the ones she made, with tattoos, but she knows they are still there. The scars will always be there to remind her of that night and of how much of her old self she lost that day. Her life seemed to be spiraling out of control, when a boy named Myles shows up in her life. She tries to distance herself from the boy who seems so curious by her. Being hurt and degraded by a boy she once cared for makes her weary and unwilling to let someone, especially a boy, into her life. But, slowly by slowly, he manages to break down the walls she puts up and bring out a bit the girl she thought was gone. She will never be the same again, but Myles makes her hope for a bright and hopeful future. A future where she can care for others again and most importantly, love herself and forget the horrors of her past. But Myles is hiding a secret. He is 400 years old and drinks blood. Despite this, Sophie feels a bond with him, a bond which he feels as well. Together, will they find love and trust? Or will this new piece of information break their friendship apart? This is the first book of this author I've read before. I didn't know what to expect, but I was surprised at how much I loved this book. I read a lot of paranormal books before, many are the same, but this one was unique. Not another vampire book, that's for sure. The characters go through normal struggles, like: pain, fear, abandonment, love, disappointment, and rejection. The characters come alive on the page and it's as if they come to life as you read. You can't help but feel for Sophie and everything she's been through. She was such a strong character and really made me admire her. She shows that, no matter what happens in your life, you can't let fear and disappointment win. That, with people who love you, you can get through anything. I also loved the other main character, Myles. Oh gosh! That boy is too sweet and cute for words! The way he cares for Sophie, tries to make her happy, just because, melts my heart. He is just amazing! I love me some Myles!! I highly recommend this book to everyone!! A very good book with lots of twists, action, and mystery to it. My favorite quotes: "You don't have to give me anything. I already have what I want," Myles tells me. "Some have not evolved." He shrugs. "Evolved? Like a Pokemon?" I have no idea why I say this. I think I'm kind of going into shock. "Maybe? You could be dead right now." He sounds serious. "No. There is no way, even if I got hit by a bus on the way here."He smiles the littlest bit at my answer. "Why?" "Because the urge to kick your ass is too great."Monsters can live inside a person. Sometimes, they know about it. More often, they don't.

  • Zakirrah BookBlogger
    2019-06-01 04:32

    3.5 Weird Crazy Vampire Stars! "Some monsters disguise themselves so well you don’t realize that they’re monsters until it’s too late. You check all of the usual places: under the bed, in the closet, behind the shower curtain, around that suspicious, dark corner of your room. No, some monsters don’t look like monsters at all. But they are, have been, and always will be there..."Imagine walking around being scared of the sun?Covering yourself from itHiding from it Being called names because you cant go out in itDoesn't sound fun does it?That's how life is like for Sophie..“...somewhere, rational Sophie is thinking that it’s not such a good idea to let my guard down so much, the not so rational one just wants to act normal, have fun, and punch the rational Sophie in the face.” Sophie Jean is 18 year old and is allergic to the sun.She tries to act normal and she can at times but every bad thing haunts her.All the things her ex-boyfriend did to her, all the scars..Then Myles comes into her life and things begin to change.He has secrets just as scary as hers.When accident after accident keeps happening to Sophie, she can’t help noticing that he’s everywhere. That he knows too much.Myles is anything but a normal teenager..he has his secrets that no-one should know about.Myles and Sophie are totally different yet pretty similar.They both hide behind lies and secrets, they both try to act normal and they are both afraid to trust.I didn't know much how this book would turn out but i really wasn't expecting this!I thought that it started off slow,I preferred the second half of the book better than the first.I felt like Sophie was so rude and annoying at the start, bless sweet Myles! But she gets better and by the end i liked her. Myles is so shy and innocent < not how I prefer my guys but hey,it worked he was so damn adorable!The vampire element of this book wasn't in-depth so I am assuming next book will have a lot more..Overall I enjoyed this book and will read book 2 very soon!Myles*ARC provided by the author for an honest review*Check out my blog for more reviews!

  • Minerva
    2019-05-26 02:26

    Hi, want to thank the author for gifting me this book for a honest review, thanks!! Sophie is a 18 year old girl who is allergic to the sun, crazy right! She has to cover up in a huge coat and wear huge sunglasses whenever she goes outside. She has preety much gotten used to the fact that she cant go out in the sun, that people talk about her in school. Well Sophie has a few secrets, she has suffered alot for being such a young girl and she is still suffering. She has found ways to cope some good, some not so good. One day while at work she meets Myles and he ends up being the new kid at her school, Myles tries to befriend Sophie, but she wants nothing to do with him. Sophie preety much keeps to herself with the exception of her two bestfriends Trey and Boo, she is also very close to her brother Jade and his boyfriend Stevie. After finally letting Myles hang out with them, she starts to kinda get used to having Myles around. Myles also has a few secrets too, hes a vampire trying to live life like a normal teenager. After Myles reveals his secret to Sophie, she is shocked at first, but she excepts it and doesnt see Myles as a monster.This story was great! Sophie is not your typical herione, shes different, she has some major issues to work out, I liked that she was different, my heart went out to Sophie. She sees men as all bad and that they're all out to hurt you, which is understanable with everything she has gone through. Loved how she has such great friends and her brother was always there for her. Her mom was horrible, couldnt believe how she treated Sophie. I liked Myles he was super sweet and different too. He wanted to be there for her, but he didnt try to pressure her, he made it clear that is was up to her if she wanted him in her life. We get to see their friendship grow, but I was getting worried that she was never going to give Myles a chance, she kept being cold towards him and pushing him away. I liked that we finally get some action with the other vampires in this story. I would of wanted to know why Micheal was so intent on getting rid of Sophie, what was the deal, he said a few things like she couldnt be part of this, of what? Also is Sophie special, like supernatural special, she doesnt know who her father is, so could she be? Great story, will be reading the next one. Thanks again!!

  • Maureen
    2019-05-22 05:13

    Apart from the beautiful cover this book immediately took my attention. From the very first page I couldn’t wait to read more. Although Sophie is kind off in a dark place and isn’t always very nice, I felt connected to her from the first page. Sophie has been through a lot in her life and she tries to find a way to cope with her past and her feelings. When Sophie thinks she is slowly finding her way, not happy but still standing, Myles walks into her life. Myles is this gorgeous mysterious guy who tries to be a part of Sophie’s life. But Sophie isn’t an easy person to get to know and she makes it really hard for people to get close to her.What I really liked about this book was that it took a long while before Sophie really could lose up around Myles. And in most books everything moves so fast. Two people meet and BOEM they fall in love. In ‘Sunshine’ it felt more real. Nobody jumped into a relationship. Problems weren’t solved in just one chapter. Sophie and Myles really had to work hard and learn to trust one another. What I also liked about this story was that not only Sophie had her secrets, but Myles also had his share of unsuspecting secrets. From the moment Myles enters this story I was fascinated by him. I kept wondering what his secret was. And I really laughed like crazy when I read the chapter where Myles told Sophie who and what he really was. I think this part was really great: ‘ “Evolve? Like a Pokémon?” I have no idea why I say this. I think I’m kind of going into shock, and the first thing that pops into my head when he says evolve is charmander evolving into a charizard.’Boy, I couldn’t stop laughing. This book really has a lot of funny parts. What I also really loved was the friends and family surrounding Sophie. Although she doesn’t realize it, there are many people who love her and care about her. And her two best friends are really really funny. I wish I had twin best friends. They were hilarious.So this book was definitely just as good as I hoped it would be. I really loved the story and really love the way Nikki Rae started this series. ‘Sunshine’ really makes you want to read more about Sophie and Myles. I can’t wait to start the second book in this series. This one is definitely a must read.

  • krista
    2019-05-26 05:12

    Needs an editor. I did finish the book, so that's one thing. I enjoyed the author's voice enough to continue reading, though it was challenging at times. I agree with another reviewer who said that some of the scenes seemed written with no other purpose but to distress our heroine, which is cheap and annoying. I spent a precious amount of time trying to figure out the sex of the side characters. Alex is the female, and Adrienne is the male (I had to double check just now)...even though "Adrienne" is the feminine spelling of the name, and Alex is *generally* a male name. Then with the Asian twins...I just don't get it. And it yanked me right out of the story more than a few times. Myles. What a wimp. And let me get this straight...this is how a vampire who has seen four centuries behaves? His insecurities, his timidity, all the whispering and almost crying...ugh. I've never cared less for a Hero. He was just a prop that Sophie used to get around her puke puddles. The way this novel was written makes me feel like the vampire crap was just a selling device. (Look! Another vampire story here!) It needed to be a story about Sophie's issues, and nothing else. The attempt to add supernatural elements was contrived and poorly done. And, at last, the editing. My recommendation: do some. I felt like I was reading a rough draft. The structure, the formatting, the repetitiveness and excess words. The improper use of "except". These brought me back to reality each time, and provided an exceptional place to put the book down. I liked Sophie, for the most part. I liked the family dynamic, and even the mom. I would have liked to learn more about these people. I feel like that was where the natural story would have went if someone hadn't felt that vampires would sell better. This author has potential. As I said in the beginning, her voice is strong. Her main character is flawed and likable, if a bit drawn out. As it is, I would not recommend this book to anyone, but I'll be watching this author, just in case something new and improved comes out with experience.

  • Joke
    2019-06-19 01:11

    Sunshine by Nikki Rae is a totally new kind of vampire stories. It's not like Twilight or any other you know. It's different, but good different. First of all, I like how music plays a part in this story. Every chapter begins with a quote of a song. Although most of the bands are unknown for me, I enjoyed reading the quotes. The main character, named Sophie, also has a passion for music. She plays the piano and writes song. When she does it, she forgets everything around her. Sophie is a teenager who is trying to fit in but she won't succeed. The cause of that is that she is allergic to the sun. But then she meet Myles, a vampire, who seems to be as different as her. They fall in love almost right away but Sophie has a hard time admitting that to herself. Sunshine is well written. It's funny and beautiful at the same time. In the first place, it's a vampirestory but second, it is a really emotional story. Sophie is not like everyone else. She has her past and her past is still hunting her. That past is making it difficult for her to love and to be touched by others. It made her insecure and she's aware of things most teenagers aren't aware of. She knows that people run away easily when it gets hard. She is scared that the people she loves are going to run away. This is way falling in love with Myles is so difficult for her. Most teenagers would let themselfes carry away. She doesn't. She is aware of what love can do.The vampires are kind of the same as the one you know. A few difference may be that in this book vampires do sleep, but less then humans, they can walk in the sun if they adjust, some still sleep in coffins, others don't.How older they get, the faster they become and the more they can do. They can travel from their body to an animal. They can feel the pain of everyone around them and see their memories. Nikki Rae did a very great job with writing Sunshine!

  • SassyCat's Book Review
    2019-06-19 02:09

    So just yesterday I had another author request to review his/her book, and last night I finished her book. Book Number One just to clarify, she had asked me to review her second book that had recently just come out but I needed book one before I could read number two. I just might start number two later tonight.ReviewSophie Jean lives her life in the dark, not by dark memories of her past but she can only really be in the dark. Having a freakish allergy to any type of sunshine makes life almost tough for Sophie, at home and at school. Then Myles Lott comes.Myles Lott isn't your typically guy teenager, he's much more and that just makes him even more drawn to Sophie. He knows Sophie like to hide but he wants to help her in any way possible. Opening old wounds and facing old memories is something Sophie would avoid at all costs, but for Myles he see how much pain she in and how she live her life in fear.Can Myles save Sophie from herself and can he protect her from his world that he may have just brought Sophie into?When an very old vampire wants to make sure that Sophie doesn't get too involved with Myles or his world, he'll do just about anything to take Sophie out of the picture. I give this 5 Cat Tails, I really love the book and was even more drawn to the storyline for Sophie and how Myles is truly someone that makes her happy, her other half as some would call it. I would recommend this book to all new readers of NA only because this doesn't have that mature content like some are. So thanks Nikki for lending me out your book, and I can't wait to read book two! Don't forget to check out blog for more on my thought of this book,

  • Jonel Boyko
    2019-05-19 00:16

    Holy Cow!!! Was that ever intense? And the best part? It was intense in a whole new way. The intensity was in the different situations faced by the main character. These weren’t all life and death situations, but still rated off the charts on the intensity scale. Rae has a way with words. Her descriptions were phenomenal and were worked right into the story in such a seamless manner that you cannot help but be impressed. She was also extremely articulate in the way that she wrote. The entire novel was very clear and detailed without becoming extremely verbose. She manages to evoke a wide array of emotions in her readers. By combining reality with the paranormal the situations all seem so real that you cannot help but react to them. Rae also worked some really cool concepts, such as her version of evolving, that aren’t seen elsewhere.The characters in this book were very well developed. There wasn’t a single character that I felt like I needed to know more about in order to understand them or their role in the novel. Details about characters were interspersed in the novel where necessary. Rae never stops the forward flow of the novel in order to develop a character all at once, giving a narrative overload. Obviously, those characters that played minor roles in the novel weren’t quite as detailed as the main characters, but that also prevents unnecessary downtime in the plot in order to develop characters needlessly. This novel was an amazing start to the Sunshine series. It leaves you wanting, no needing, more but also with a feeling of completion. Cudos.

  • Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews
    2019-06-11 00:16


  • Jenn Sternshein
    2019-05-26 08:08

    I absolutely adored this book... Way to go Nikki Rea! Sophie was so easy to love. She's not your normal girl being allergic to the sun along with all the new treatments she's tried, she has a hard family life not being able to remember her dad and her mom yelling at her constantly, she also has trouble letting any guy get close to her. She meets Myles, who goes to her school and there seems to be something different about him. He is always there when she needs him. I loved the writting and felt like i was part the story. And i love all the things that makes Myles special, definintely not same old ideas. I also loved everyone who loved everyone close to Sophie, they were also well developed. Boo kept cracking me up. This book had it all it reminded me of a really good ya/na romance witth some supernatral stuff thrown in. I couldn't put Sunshine down and enjoyed every minute of it.. I also love the lyrics on each chapter, amazing idea. I would recomend this book to anyone who is a fan of twilight with a twist. i actually liked this book way better than twilight, than agian i really felt like Sophie was realalistic and it broke my heart to learn everything she had been through. Oh and Myles is awesome funny, sweet, caring, and sounds cute (i'm a sucker for dimples). I will be starting the next book in the series right away and know it will keep getting better... Thanks Nikki Rea for letting me read and review this book, you are very talented, the way this book was put together was something i have yet to read and i thank you for that. I do wanna know more about Myles world but i think the next book will fulfìll my need for that..

  • P.A. Warren
    2019-05-23 08:02

    I was given a Copy of Sunshine for an honest review. Sunshine tells the story of Sophie who honestly does not have the best life.Her mom is this evil mother who has no love for her.Her Ex-Boyfriend hurt her quite badly.She has a huge issue.She cannot go out into the sunlight.She is allergic to it.Myles is the new guy in school who just happens to be there for Sophie ever single time she needs help.Every time. I was entrenched in Sunshine.Did not want to put it down.I was intrigued by Sophie.Her affliction.It made me wonder just what made her different and why she had that.My heart broke for her knowing everything that she had to deal with at such a young age.Myles is a character who I wish I had been able to get to know him better.Know his feelings.He was hard to read sometimes. I feel the writing was good.I think there were times when the story felt a bit slow but then other times when it was perfectly paced.There was an incident in the story that had me confused but once I was able to sort it out everything was fine.It just could have been clearer.The Secondary Characters were great!I loved getting to know them.Especially Jade and Stevie. The main goal of a book is for it grab my attention,keep me there and pull me into its world.Sunshine Succeeded in doing just that.I was glued to my kindle until it died.I admit I almost cried when it died.Yes i know that rhymed. Nikki Rae's Debut Novel Sunshine Rocks and is a great start to Her Sunshine series!Great Job Nikki!

  • Mimi
    2019-05-23 00:08

    I loved this book ,from beginning to end i was so into the whole story ,i felt all the emotions as though i was living through them with sophie.I was so sad with how things were going in her life . It was most disturbingly sad how the person she thought would comfort her from her pain would do quite the opposite . I also wanted to kill that horrible excuse of a man her boyfriend at the time uhhh hate him !!! I was totally infatuated with Myles ,i was intrigued by him i wanted to know what he was and whAt was his big secret also ,who was the meanie that hurt him ! He was so kind and understanding with sophie he could do no wrong what i loved the most about this book was how it didn't start off like every other paranormal romance , like girl meets paranormal boy and boom love at first sight ,no this was more like a friendship that is growing into something beautiful and i feel for the whole story head over heels love love love cant wait to get started on the next book yay!!! Thx Nikki ;)

  • Kayla
    2019-05-23 05:12

    *Ebook obtained directly from the author in exchange for an HONEST review - these are MY honest thoughts on the novel* This was a really good novel! I was pleasantly surprised! I'm usually leery when it comes to starting a new vamp series because there's generally no middle ground. It's either good or it's bad. This one is good!! I adored the characters but had a hard time getting them straight at first. Ex: Alex-girl. Adrienne-guy. Keeping them straight was difficult but I finally got it nearly halfway through the book. I enjoyed the plot (even though it was heartbreaking several times) and loved the ups & downs. I was mad, happy, sad, seriously-butt-kicking-angry, and then I bit most of my nails off during several of the high points. Now, I will say that even though this is a paranormal vampire novel, that's not a primary focus. The fact that Myles is a vampire is a small point in all of the drama. The main focus is on Sophie and the struggles that she's going through. It was a really nice change from novels focusing primarily on the vampires in novels. Anways, overall, really good read & I'm looking forward to starting book 2! Full review coming soon on my blog.

  • Paranormal Books R Us
    2019-05-25 04:32

    I am hooked! This story sucked me in from the very first page and pulled me strait through to the end. It reminds me a little bit of Twilight but it has a much darker more emotionally twisted feel to it and it definitely can stand on its own. It doesn't hurt that the characters are fantastic, I am absolutely in love with Jade and Boo and I wish Sophie was real because she could absolutely be my best friend!I feel like we barely scratched the surface of the vampires and their world and there is definitely more going on than we know especially where Sophie is concerned. I really enjoyed this book and I am absolutely looking forward to devouring the next book in this series. (As soon as I'm done writing this) In my opinion Sunshine is definitely recommended!

  • Shirley Cuypers
    2019-06-04 06:15

    Wow, this book was so amazing! I guess I fell in love with an other vampire series!I love Sophie so much, I love her personality and her style. And she went trough a lot and it's damn hard for her to live her life, but she does, and that makes me look up to her!So this story is very beautiful but also very emotional and that's something I really like about this book. An other thing is: once you start to read it, you can't stop!I can't wait to read the sequel written by the talented Nikki Rae!-I want to thank Nikki Rae for the ARC!19th May 2014: little updateI received my physical copy today, thank you so much Nikki!