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When irrepressible accountant Cleopatra Jones overshoots the sixth green, her golf ball lands in the biggest hazard of her life, the inseam of a dead banker. Murder rocks this small Maryland town and old secrets cast suspicion on Cleo’s best friend.Cleo sets out to prove her friend is innocent. Her sleuthing is hampered by her damaged instincts, a jumbo dog, and her wacky,When irrepressible accountant Cleopatra Jones overshoots the sixth green, her golf ball lands in the biggest hazard of her life, the inseam of a dead banker. Murder rocks this small Maryland town and old secrets cast suspicion on Cleo’s best friend.Cleo sets out to prove her friend is innocent. Her sleuthing is hampered by her damaged instincts, a jumbo dog, and her wacky, engaging family. As head of the household, Cleo will do anything to protect her children....

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in for a penny Reviews

  • Lance
    2019-06-04 00:57

    Thinking I was picking up a book that was mostly a murder mystery with some golf thrown in, I was quite happy with the first few pages when Cleo and Jonette find a dead body near the sixth hole. But frankly the whole book went downhill for me from there. Too much about Cleo' s laments about her cheating ex-husband and her non-existent sex life and not enough about the murder. Oh sure Cleo muddled her way through, endures her mom's rainbow cooking and constantly thinks about getting laid with the local golf pro. Notice how little I mention actually SOLVING the mystery? That was my problem with this book. Too much about Cleo' s hormones and not enough about the real story. Not recommended for readers who like mystery. Parts are funny but that's about the only redeeming factor.

  • Terry Odell
    2019-06-03 06:16

    As if coping with her divorce, two daughters and living with her mother, Cleo Jones had enough on her plate before coming across a dead body on the golf course. A perfect cozy mystery, with a touch of romance. Since the author also writes romantic suspense, she handles that aspect of the plot well. Quirky characters, a motivated protagonist all make this book an entertaining read.

  • Ellen
    2019-05-31 04:02

    A real page turner! Honestly, I couldn't put it down once I'd started reading---I spent some of the best hours imaginable in Hogan's Glen with Cleo and the gang. Only one thing could have made it better---another Cleopatra Jones mystery!

  • Tarrin Lupo
    2019-06-16 05:06

    Fun lead character, I liked how she was clumsy and a little awkward, made her relatable. I thought the ending was imaginative and clever.

  • An Odd1
    2019-06-03 03:00

    "Life had handed me lemons and I didn't care for lemonade" p 59. "How many penalty strokes do you get for hitting a dead man? What club has the correct loft for a crotch lie?" to hit a ball next to his balls p 17. Flavorful earthy expressions are the whip-cream topping here in a soap-opera style tangle. Close-knit small town gossip ties up the case so Clee should not walk straight into danger. "Was this a trap?" p 331. Duh. Cleo Jones 35 accountant seems a dim bulb, loyal, with a mean streak. With Jonette, twice divorced, on regular Wednesday golf game, she finds bank loan officer 'Dudley Doright' (nickname not explained, maybe hypocrite pretending to moral cartoon Canadian RCMP officer?) Donny Davis shot between the eyes. Nosy narrator has to clear the cop Britt Radcliffe's first 3 suspects - her BFFs (best friends forever) Jonette "What would make her lie to her closest friend?" p 53 and Bitsy, Dudley's ex-wife, then bank partner Charlie, her ex-husband "knew how to handle a weapon .. shot skeet .. shooting was a skill a person didn't forget" p 226. Clee "grew up here .. know everyone in town" p 116. From confidential files can "follow the trail of the money" p 263 straight to the bank. Bank guard Bennett shot dead too, so cannot deny Denise's claim. Charlie's wife says Charlie did access his computer, and steal funds that night, before sleeping on Clee's couch. Dudley "all wanted" to kill, had "talent for pissing people off .. thinking he was the ultimate Casanova .. play God in the bank loan department" p 20, "could talk the skin off a mule" p 163. Two years ago, Charlie, caught in affair, married employee Denise, bleach-blonde, plastic "inflatable boobs" p 348. Clee should not obey anonymous invite for midnight to deserted shack, armed only with St Bernard Madonna, her dad's Colt revolver missing from under her bed. Amid silliness, and snappy similes (pros), Clee (cons) over-viciously maligns Mama and melts into hormonal puddle for golf pro and club owner Rafe Golden at touch, let alone three hot public kisses. Like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, she drifts in a blink. Rafe's "dark brown of his eyes reminded me of thick chocolate melted over vine-ripened strawberries. I imagined myself feeding him those very strawberries as he lounged beside me in a secluded glade wearing only a smile" p 95. "The new Cleo Jones was an animal" p 199. Tuna can be tasty in lasagne, but Mama adds pickles "Spickle Fish Lasagne .. tastes terrible .. smells worse" p 147. Clee's daughter Charla creates "rainbow-colored" p 289 surprises, concentric circles, green pork chops, funs over-priced fancy restaurant fussy tiny decorated portions. Can a single forehead shot leave "the ground is saturated with more blood than I've ever seen" p 19, be hard yes, but "A smelly wooden bridge" p 19 after few hours? Clee selfishly, childishly, constantly competes for "hour of need" p 106 with Jonette and Mama, as if "Intensive Care" p 37 during her divorce was deliberate diversion. Are hospital beds not as scarce in US as Canada? Why does Clee accept Dudley's drooling dog "outweighed me" p 76 from Charlie into her bed? "Doggie diarrhea" p 81 is not funny nor vandalized living room from "drooling .. Hellion .. grinning .. sexually replete daogs" p 175. Why does she invite recipient of millions in life insurance Bitsy with teen sons and male dog Mo to stay indefinitely "as long as you need"? Red herrings send her all round town. Jasper Kingsland, assistant golf pro so always on course, is fiercely angry because Dudley lost family savings in a teacher pension fund. His ma Violet Cooper "won every shooting award there is .. Hogan County's answer to Annie Oakley" p 118 (view spoiler)[ but "practically blind because of those cataracts" p 207(hide spoiler)]. Mayor Darnell is her "wealthiest client" p 162, blackmailed into approving new subdivision construction by another self-deemed Casanova, builder Robert Joy. Next door Ed Monday "tired clothing and raty black sneakers should have gone in the Goodwill bag long ago" p 212 gets notices to pay off loan he never took out "Davis said he'd take care of this two weeks ago. He lied to my face. He's a liar and a crook and now, he's dead" p 213. (view spoiler)[ In wee hours, cops arrest him, fugitive from out of state for fraud. Similar flavor to other Touissant series led to mixup. I mistook Britt, her "fifth-grade Sunday School teacher" p 23, like her "big brother" p 24 for other's sweetie, until near end has "wife" p 352. (view spoiler)[ Clee does turn down Charlie's request to make up, because of Rafe. (hide spoiler)]"Shedding Charlie was more difficult than getting fungus out from under a toenail" p 12 "one-hundred percent over him. Getting kissed by another man had a tendency to do that" p 220. As soon as Clee visits luxurious Montclair retirement "Paradise on earth" p 267, seems clear villain pays bills. (view spoiler)[ Denise maintains mother and self in comfort. Why bother to marry Charlie if she did not even like him? He can't testify?(hide spoiler)] During golf, other ladies confirm credit card customers complaining about false charges. Why add extras after already solved? Clee should show anonymous invite to Rafe, Britt. (view spoiler)[ At least she holds down panic, sees shed "was filled with tools and machines. I huffed my way over to the biggest mower and climbed on it" p 343.(hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]

  • Stephanie Burkhart
    2019-05-29 03:17

    Toussaint pens a cozy "who-dunnit" mystery with "In For a Penny." When Cleopatra Jones finds her ex-husband's best friend, Dudley, dead as a doornail, on the golf course, she's 'in for a penny,' as the Hogan's Glen police investigate her friends and family as suspects. Cleopatra (Cleo) Jones is an accountant in the small town of Hogan Glen. Everybody knows everybody. While playing golf with her best friend, she discovers Dudley's dead body. News travels fast and it seems everyone has a motive to do Dudley in. There's Cleo's best friend, Jonette, Cleo's ex-husband, Charles, Charlie's wife, Denise, Jasper the golf course maintenance guy, Jasper's mother, Cleo's neighbor, Ed, the mayor, and the shady real estate developer guy. The police start an official investigation, but Cleo's determined to find the murderer herself. As the danger gets closer to Cleo, will she find a killer or get killed herself?"In For A Penny" has an endearing cast of characters. There's Cleo, the beleaguered, yet determined heroine, Mama, Cleo's exasperating mother, Jonette, Cleo's steadfast best, friend, Brit, the bossy cop, Dudley, who was no "doright," Charlie the cheater, and Rafe the golf pro hottie. Toussaint does an excellent job giving Hogan's Glen a life of it's own. Toussaint builds the mystery slowly, but masterfully, up'ing the emotional involvement with each new angle Cleo investigates. The ending promises to keep the reader on the edge of their seat as Cleo returns to the scene of the murder to catch a killer. "In For A Penny," will have you smiling, fuming, biting your nails, and cheering for Cleo. Toussaint earns two enthusiastic thumbs up from this reader. I highly recommend this book.

  • Lynn
    2019-06-11 07:17

    When I read "Naked Came the Phoenix" it was edited by Maggie Toussaint. So I thought that I would like to hear more from this woman for if she had anything to do with that book she must be fun.Cleopatra Jones is an accountant, divorcee, mother of two. She lives with her mother in the "old family house" and she took over her father's accounting business when he passed away. Her mother is famous for unusual cooking, Cleo takes out her aggressions on the golf course and has lived in a small town her whole life. All of a sudden one morning when she was searching for her errant golf ball she finds a dead body -- it happens to be the dead body of her ex-husband's best friend and so continues the rather humorous tale of small town life and the people that populate it.

  • Patricia
    2019-06-05 07:04

    I enjoyed the characters. It was about a woman who is divorced, plays golf, an accountant, and mom. She lives with her mom. She is playing golf with her best friend when her golf ball hits a dead body of her exhusband's best friend and her best friend's old flame. Her best friend becomes a suspect and so does her exhusband. She has to find out who murdered him because she knows they didn't. I would recommend this book to other mystery fans.

  • Cece Garrison
    2019-06-17 04:01

    I found Cleo a bit much to endure. She whined a lot and constantly talked about her cheating ex-husband. It seemed that the book was more of a romance effort rather than a mystery. I thought this book could have been shortened considerably. I love to read but don't think I'll pick up another of this author's works.

  • Donna
    2019-06-07 03:15

    This is a fun and witty whodunit. It's a quick and entertaining read. If you like strong,intelligent female lead characters, you'll love following Cleopatra Jones as she tries to find out who killed the local banker before the police manage to pin the crime on her BFF.

  • Patricia
    2019-06-14 06:03

    I liked this fun mystery.

  • Dee
    2019-06-04 02:59

    This book really "wasn't for me".I was hoping for a protagonist that I could identify with and Cleo Jones definitely was not that person.However, it was humerous in spots.

  • Dorothy Timm
    2019-05-29 06:07

    Quick enjoyable read

  • Elaine Cantrell
    2019-05-26 02:10

    An enjoyable cozy mystery with a touch of romance and humor.

  • Joyce
    2019-05-20 01:13

    This was a horrible book. If I had the option I would rate it zero.

  • Denise Spicer
    2019-06-10 07:58

    Murder on a golf course in a sleepy Southern town, colorful character, and a hot new romance for the divorced amateur sleuth Cleopatra Jones. Golf games and rowdy St Bernard antics add to the atmosphere.

  • Sally Handley
    2019-05-26 03:22

    Totally enjoyed this cozy mystery. Cleo Jones is one sassy, Southern gal. Interesting cast of strong Southern women.

  • Michelle
    2019-05-24 00:11

    You people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

  • Jenny Twist
    2019-06-01 05:59

    A Delightful Murder MysteryCleopatra Jones is still struggling to reconcile herself to her husband's infidelity and subsequent remarriage and is not, perhaps, in the best frame of mind to deal with the discovery she makes on the golf course. It is the dead body of her ex-husband's best friend, Dudley. The police seem bent on charging Cleo's best friend, Jonette, with the crime, so it is imperative that she find the identity of the real murderer. The only trouble is just about everybody who knew Dudley had a motive for killing him. Add to the mix two teenage daughters, an extremely eccentric mother, a pair of sex-crazed St Bernards, a peculiar neighbour, an ex-husband who hasn't quite let go and a dishy golf pro, and you have a recipe for chaos. I really enjoyed this book. Cleo is so human. She starts off with premise that nobody she likes can possibly have done it and conversely concludes that the murderer is most likely to be the person she likes least. Exactly the way I would approach it myself. Ms Toussaint is a very good writer. Her language is fluent and accurate, her characters very believable, the plot is nicely-paced. There is a rich ad-mix of humour throughout, beginning with the discovery of the body on the golf course. Cleo's ball has landed in the corpse's crotch and she actually takes a moment to work out the possibility of playing it from that position. As for Cleo's mother, she is such a nightmare that you begin to wonder quite early on whether the right person got murdered.A very funny book and a joy to read.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-06-01 00:06

    This story began with plenty of potential because the premise was good, the setting was enticing but the main character Cleo had hysterics every other page. At first she thought most every one she ran into was a maniacal killer and the fear would make her disgrace herself. She was also pretty self absorbed and couldn't think logically because her emotions were always running rampant. It was either the thoughts of sex or murder that addled her brain. Actually she sounded like a teenager half of the time, then she would return to her normal hard working self for a page or two. There was hardly a person she knew that she didn't want to strangle and she tried for it on occasion.This was one of those books that lead me to jump for the final few pages to find out who dunnit because the end result was better than the journey.

  • Renee Butler
    2019-05-23 07:18

    The author writes a very entertaining cozy mystery.. Many of the chapters read like a book jacket, trying desperately hard to grab your interest.. And she telegraphed the plot pretty clearly, starting early on.. That said, the reading was pleasant and had a nice flow. I really enjoyed the dialogue and the range of characters.. It felt more like getting to know the players slowly instead of a blatant introduction. This book wouldn't win any awards but if you are looking for a feel-good beach read or something to read in place of a rom-com on tv, it is a solid choice.

  • Nancy
    2019-06-03 00:07

    Golfer Cleo Jones has a bad day on the golf course when she discovers a dead body behind some bushes. It turns out her ex-husband’s best friend is dead, and plenty of people had reason to hold a grudge against him. Cleo doesn’t believe it’s anyone close to her, even though her friends have their own secrets. Can she find the real killer before the wrong person is accused of the crime? Memorable sidekicks add spice to the story, especially Mama with her doubtful cooking skills. This witty and charming mystery will keep you guessing until the very end.

  • Angel **Book Junkie**
    2019-05-28 03:22

    So let's begin with what I did like. That is Cleo who was pretty damn awesome and probably herself account for 2 of the 3 stars that I gave this book. The beginning was awesome, the middle was tiresome, and the ending was Duh?? It had to be that person. The book was pretty well written and I enjoyed it.

  • Janice
    2019-06-16 00:17

    Mindless reading, not well written. A dim witted heroine stumbles into solving a crime vs letting law enforcement handle the case. I think we're supposed to think she and her allegedly colorful family are charming. Shades of Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum series, but less engaging.

  • Susan
    2019-06-05 02:58

    Accountant Cleopatra Jones after a wayward shot finds her golf ball on top of a dead banker. Golf, a cheating ex-husband and Cleo's non-existent sex life form most of the book with a couple of murders.

  • Bonnie
    2019-06-05 04:13

    I started this book a few days earlier and quit reading it because it seemed too stupid, but then went back to it and found it was better than I thought, though still only rating 2 stars. The characters were a little trite, the plot okay, but I was still sick and it was entertaining.

  • Sandee
    2019-05-24 05:06

    This book starts out like many cozy mysteries but it brings more to the story than a good mystery, good characters, romance and humour. I fell in love with Cleo as she learns who she is and recognizes what she doesn't want in her life. A big step to deciding what she does want in her life.

  • Kay Mcaloney
    2019-06-18 01:01

    Kind of a light read. Pretty predictable. I enjoyed the characters and the humor of the author, but to think that an accountant can solve a murder faster than a police chief is a little naive. Reminded me of Murder She Wrote.

  • Lisa Layton
    2019-06-03 02:08

    Enjoyed the book but the description on Good Reads is not correct at all.

  • Adriana
    2019-06-14 02:20

    Free 11/17/12 at Amazon